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Olympic National Park Beach Elopement

Why Olympic National Park is one of the best places to elope in the United States

When we think of a true PNW Elopement, we immediately think of Olympic National Park. As one of America’s most geographically diverse parks, the Olympic National Park provides an expansive variety of rugged coastlines, snow-capped mountains, alpine lakes and temperate rainforests, creating the ultimate PNW mood. Just shy of 1,000,000 acres, the Olympic National Park is the 13th largest national park in the US and does not have one particular entrance like you might see at other national parks. It can take a full day to drive around the park, not including any hiking or adventuring, so needless to say you could spend several days exploring all the beautiful sites within this PNW park.

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The Best Remote Beach for an Olympic Peninsula Elopement

Located around 25 miles from Forks (yes, like town from Twilight movie, and yes it’s a real town, and yes there’s a poster of Bella, Edward, and Jacob in town, and yes we’ve seen all the movies 🤣) is a remote beach called Ruby Beach. Being the most iconic pacific coastline of the whole Olympic National Park, Ruby Beach consists of a short hike leading to driftwoods and big standing rocks that make all your PNW Elopement dreams come true. Ruby Beach is one of our favorite elopement locations because it is so private and remote; you won’t even see beach towns or houses from the beach, making it the perfect place for your elopement wedding.

During Summer and early Fall, you can get the most amazing sunset photos; and with low tide, you can run on the sand and get all the way out to that iconic rock. During late Fall and Winter months, the fog mixed with rain will give you the moody wedding you’re dreaming of, plus, you can even see sea foam.

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Two grooms kiss on the beach during their Olympic Peninsula elopement at Ruby Beach

The Couple and Their Decision to Elope at Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula

Some elopements need about 12 – 18 months in advance to book and to plan. For Dusty and Bobby, we planned their day in just a bit over a month in advance.

When Dusty and Bobby inquired, we were deep into our elopement season. It was hard to catch up on sleep, not to mention thinking about anything else.

However, we loveeee the story Dusty and Bobby shared with us. Their story is so similar to mine (Henry’s). From being a gay couple to having French bulldogs and English bulldogs to trying to look for an intimate and intentional experience for their wedding day, I (Henry) knew that I didn’t care how busy things were, we need to take care of Dusty and Bobby for their day

So we jumped on the call and it although it was our first phone call ever, we felt this instant connection. Our call lasted longer than any other calls we scheduled because we didn’t just talk about elopement, we talked about life and relationship and so so so many other things.

The couple chose Ruby Beach even before our call since they saw this stunning Same Sex Vow Renewal By Ruby Beach

With that being said, I had to make sure they understand the weather pattern of Ruby Beach and how we can plan for the same thing, we might experience dramatically different weather pattern

Rain or shine, Dusty and Bobby were ready 🙂

From Running Among The Rugged Coast Line To Having An Epic Beach Picnic, this Is How To Plan an Olympic Peninsula Elopement Adventurously

The one thing we love so much about Dusty and Bobby’s elopement is that they wanted their day to be with members in the LGBTQ community. It’s their way to pay respect and to support fellow LGBTQ small businesses.

We are so so so proud share that this whole LGBT elopement had 100% all LGBTQ vendors. I (Henry) was their photographer. Rain and Pines (Viet), was their stylist and planner. Kiersten, one of my previous client who turned best friends, was their officiant. 

Together, the three of us helped bring Dusty and Bobby’s vision to life in a month.

We started with meeting the couple at their cabin and photographed the soft moments when Dusty and Bobby helped each other get dressed and wrote vows together.

We hiked down Ruby Beach and set up the most beautiful beach ceremony flowers.

While I took the couple on a beach sunset adventure, Kiersten and Viet prepared for their stunning beach picnic where the couple had pies as their wedding cake.

But truly, the best of all was when the sun went down and everyone left the beach. Just us 5 stayed and we re-arranged everything again for the most beautiful and sweetest first dance under the moon light. 

Dusty and Bobby, we couldn’t give you any hug from being deep in the pandemic but just know we wanted to so badly. We appreciate you guys and we miss you both. When the world is better again, come back so we can grab some gay ass drinks together.

He recommended everything and everyone we needed to make our day magical.

There seriously isn’t even a way to put into words how amazing Henry is. From the very second I stumbled across his website, there was no question he was our guy. We had an instant connection with him. I literally didn’t care what he said- even if he said no, he was taking our photos, LOL! From the very first email response he sent me, to the email I got yesterday with our photos, I have been floored with his service and expertise. He recommended everything and everyone we needed to make our day magical. Lets face it- I don’t think anyone is experienced at getting married, so we needed help and lots of it! It all felt so overwhelming until we met Henry. Henry and Viet (the best elopement planer ever) just listened and produced the most amazing, wonderful, and love filled day! I cannot thank you gents enough!!!!
Dusty & Bobby
Olympic Peninsula elopement

Meet the couple & the best Olympic Peninsula Elopement Photographer everrrr!!!🙂😘

Olympic Peninsula elopement photographer dances with couple after their elopement

Meet The Best Olympic Peninsula Elopement Vendors:

Photographer: Henry Tieu Photography (aka Me)

Planning and Florals: Rain and Pines

Officiant: Kiersten Roy

Henry Tieu & Sergio - Elopement Photographers

Meet Your Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photographers

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