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Washington Winter Rainforest Elopement

Why the Hoh Rainforest is the Best Place to Elope in the Olympic National Park

Washington never ceases to amaze us with all of its beautiful scenery! From picturesque views overlooking Mount Rainier to the jagged peaks in the North Cascades, Washington is filled with an abundance of mountainous sceneries, but that’s not all it has to offer!

If you think Washington state is only filled with mountains, think again! The Hoh Rainforest (pronounced hoe, and yes, we’re all thinking that kind of hoe 🙂 ) is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the U.S. Located in Olympic National Park this forest spans 24 miles along the Hoh River. This area is filled with moss, ferns, and a slew of coniferous and deciduous trees making up the most lush, green forest you ever saw!

The Hoh Rainforest is located on the west side of Olympic National Park, allowing for easy access to one of our favorite Washington beaches, Ruby Beach. Being less than 20 minutes from each other this provides the perfect opportunity to experience multiple sceneries for your adventure elopement or engagement session!

It’s safe to say that with just shy of 1 million acres there is lots to see in Olympic National Park and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But not to worry, as your adventure elopement photographers, we will show you all the best places to elope in this massive park starting with the Hoh Rainforest.

Washington Winter Rainforest Elopement

When is the Best Time to Elope at Hoh Rainforest

As it’s name suggests, rainforests tend to receive a lot of rain and this is especially true in the winter. Since it is located in the Olympic National Park (which is the only National Park in Washington that is open year round ) anytime is a good time to elope in the Hoh Rainforest.

  • June – September: We will get more sunny days than cloudy or rainy days so you can go anywhere you want.
  • October – February: The weather is getting moodier around this time. From cloudy to a bit of rain, the soft even light is perfect for a whole day of perfect photos and the mountain roads are still drivable but are covered in snow, creating a magical scenery.
  • March – May: The weather around this time is more unpredictable than the rest of the year. It could be sunny one day and moody the next so you may not know what you’re going to get, but we promise the result will be worth it! While we love the mood that comes with a rainy photo session, the best time to visit this park is typically from late spring through fall.

In late spring, after all the winter rains, the forest becomes lush and green and is in its prime. During this time the area also comes to life with wildlife such as elk, mountain goats, birds and (if you’re on the coast) whales making it the perfect adventure elopement experience!

In the fall season, there are fewer visitors allowing for a more private elopement experience, not to mention you will definitely get the moody vibes that we love so much that are perfect for fall elopements!

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The Couple and Their Decision to Plan a Winter Elopement in Hoh Rainforest

Amy and Jason reached out to me just a month and a half before their wedding and I was immediately drawn to their adventurous spirit. They had initially planned to have a larger wedding the following year, but decided that what they really wanted was a small, intimate elopement with just the two of them and their dog, Rasta!

They knew they wanted to have their elopement in Washington somewhere secluded and away from the hustle and bustle so when I mentioned Olympic National Park and the Hoh Rainforest they got so excited. They had both been to the park before as individuals, but never together, so going together for the first time on their elopement day was going to be extra special!

This is why we are such a big fan of elopements; because they truly reflect the couple and what they want for their day. Everything about your elopement from choosing who to invite to where you want to go has meaning and intentionality. It is truly all the little details that make each elopement day unique.

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Bride and groom dance on Ruby Beach at their winter elopement in Olympic National Park

From Exchanging Vows Deep in the Forest To Running on the Beach During the Most Moody Sunset Hours, this Is How To Elope In the Beautiful and Moody Hoh Rainforest Adventurously

Amy and Jason’s elopement was in December, and even though that is one of the coldest months in Olympic National Park, they braved the cold for their elopement day and their love for each other kept us all warm.

We met at their beautiful AirBnB cabin on Lake Sutherland and photographed them getting ready and their emotional first look.

Rain and Pines (Viet) officiated their ceremony deep in the Hoh Rainforest and then we celebrated with champagne and their first dance. Afterwards we went a short drive to explore Ruby Beach where Amy and Jason danced on the beach and cuddled with their fur baby Rasta.

It was the sweetest day focused on the couple and their love for each other. Amy and Jason, thank you for trusting me and for letting Viet and I be a part of your elopement day.

One sentence of something unique about this review

I was NOT having a good and definitely not a FUN time planning our wedding at the beginning. My husband and I decided that eloping was much more our style and as soon as I found Henry, the decision to elope was confirmed for both of us. The drastic switch from big wedding to elopement happened quick and we wanted to make it happen by the end of 2019. Henry happened to be doing a workshop so we tagged on to the tail end and started planning for our special day. We utilized Viet for flowers and the ceremony and Henry introduced me to Cyn, who was doing make up for the workshop. All the vendor were incredibly easy going, fun to work with and would 10/10 recommend . I loved our day so much and wouldn’t change anything about it. It’s been a few months now and I still get random messages from friends saying our wedding video is one of the most breathtaking videos they’ve ever seen. Even moms of friends are reaching out to say how much they love the photos and videos! I used to work in the wedding industry and photos we’re always my priority in planning so I found extreme value in the service we received. From planning to the day of and even delivering our photos in time for Christmas to share with our family, Henry and Viet went above and beyond. If you want to be transported back to your wedding day every time you look at your photos, go with Henry. The emotion and love I feel when looking at my photos can never be replaced and I feel so thankful that these photos belong to us for forever!
Amy & Jason
Winter elopement in the Hoh Rainforest

GIF Video from this magical Olympic National Park Elopement

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Meet the couple & the best Hoh Rainforest Winter Elopement Photographer everrrr!!!🙂😘

Meet The Best Hoh Rainforest Elopement Vendors:

Photographer: Henry Tieu Photography (aka Me)

Florals & Officiant: Rain and Pines

Elopement Dress: Willowby by Watters from Blue Sky Bridal

Elopement Suit: Indochino

Hair and Makeup Artist: Make Me Up Cyn

Groom’s Wedding Band: Green Lake Jewelry Works

Guitarist: Kyle Sumners

Henry Tieu & Sergio - Elopement Photographers

Meet Your Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photographers

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