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Two brides wearing all black wedding attire standing on a rock on the Oregon Coast for their Pacific Northwest elopement photos

The Couple and Their Decision to Plan a Pacific Northwest Elopement

As a Pacific Northwest elopement photographer, I love any chance I get to photograph couples joining their lives together, but one thing that can make an elopement even more special is when it’s not just the joining together of two people, but a whole family.

For their Oregon Coast elopement, Britt and Allie wanted to plan an intimate elopement celebration with just the two of them and their two kids. It was important to them to not just make this day as intimate as possible, but also to celebrate this new moment in their lives as a family!

The four of them traveled all the way from Florida for their Pacific Northwest elopement on the Oregon Coast and we got the BEST fall weather and even had a little Halloween fun (keep scrolling to see what I mean).

Brides kiss on the beach wearing all black wedding outfits

From a Classy First Look With All Black Wedding Outfits To Family Halloween Photos, This Is How To Elope In the Pacific Northwest Adventurously

Britt and Allie’s Pacific Northwest elopement was my last elopement of the year. Rain and Pines and I drove down from Washington to Oregon and, even though it was autumn in the PNW and fall can often bring some of the moodiest weather of the year, we were met with some of the most perfect weather for their adventure elopement on the Oregon Coast!

After the brides got ready (in their classy all-black outfits) they shared a first look on the patio of their cabin before we all headed down to the Oregon Coast for their beach elopement ceremony, one of my personal favorite moments of the day.

After the ceremony, we explored closer down by the water for some fun adventure photos but didn’t plan on getting wet just yet until the end of the day…Of course, none of us could wait so not even an hour into the day we were soaked! But hey, we also had the best time.

Although Britt and Allie’s Pacific Northwest elopement day was already super intimate, the couple wanted to preserve the intimacy of the vows for just the two of them, so Rain and Pines stayed behind to babysit, and the three of us adventured to a private spot for vows.

As the sun started to go down in the sky, the six of us met back up together. Because Britt and Allie’s elopement was taking place right before Halloween, the couple wanted to take some fun family Halloween photos complete with carved pumpkin heads and all-black outfits.

As I look back on these photos from Britt and Allie’s Pacific Northwest elopement, the one thing I feel is gratitude! I feel extremely grateful for how these two brought their little family to the middle of nowhere Oregon because they trusted in my art

Grateful for the way they expressed themselves freely so I can share these photos to inspire others to be this free for their elopement day.

Grateful for the opportunity they allowed me to capture a fellow LGBT kind of love so that the little queer kids who might have felt like they don’t belong see that everyone deserves love and so do they.

Britt and Allie, your elopement day was beyond dreamy and I can’t thank you guys enough for all the trust you put in me.

– Henry

This classy Pacific Northwest elopement on the Oregon Coast is now featured on Dancing with Her

He was able to capture ever moment we could have only dreamed about.

Wow enough can not be said about Henry and how he made our elopement day feel so fun and exciting. As nervous as you can get on your big day he made us feel so comfortable. He was able to capture ever moment we could have only dreamed about. We were so honored to have been able to book with him and we can’t wait for another shoot together in the future one day!! With out a doubt he is an amazing artist.
Britt & Allie
Pacific Northwest elopement

Meet The Best Pacific Northwest Elopement Vendors:

Photographer: Henry Tieu Photography (aka Henry)

Day-of Coordinator: Rain and Pines

Cake: Sift and Gather

Elopement Dress: Stylish Bride Accs

Elopement Suit: Tweeds Custom Suits

Shoes: Thursday Boot Company

Signage: Tiny Pines

Henry Tieu & Sergio - Elopement Photographers

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