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OUR number-one GOAL

Transforming MOMENTS into MASTERPIECES: Your Love Story, Our Art

The day you commit your love to your life partner should consist of intentional details that truly matter. You deserve to experience love in the most intimate, joyous, and carefree way.

An intentional wedding experience, whether it’s an adventure elopement or an intimate wedding day, allows you to express & feel love the way your heart sings. It’s all about you and whom you love, together, all at once, experience one of the most important moments in life.

All those little moments become your life story and live on from generation to generation. We want to be the friends who can help you each step along the way of elopement planning so we can document your story in the form of photographs that mean everything to your heart

couple on a boat on their wedding day in Positano, Italy

One thing I’ve learned from being a former Cardiac ICU Nurse:

Life passes by faster than you could say regrets 

Because moments are fleeting
Because you want to remember all of the faces on your wedding day
Because it’s YOUR wedding Day. Not anyone else’s
Because that “One day…” is here and it doesn’t happen again
Because you should only please your heart, not the opinions of others
Because following your heart has brought you to this day, keep on listening to it.
Because some days, when you sit the by fireplace sharing the story of your love, it should be filled with teary-eyed, honest, perfectly imperfect moments…anything but regrets

place intentionality into your elopement experience

henry tieu and sergio, best of the best washington elopement photographers



your new friends

Relationships take time, commitment, and perseverance. It takes a great deal to get to where you are today, to realize that the time you have with your partner here on Earth is a privilege, to decide that your love deserves to be celebrated honestly, freely, and uniquely, to ensure the beginning of your marriage can be preserved in forms of artful photographs.

The journey to mark your wedding day with timeless memories and unforgettable photographs can seem like a foreign territory but you don’t have to go through it alone. This is where we come in to not only be your photographer but also a friend you can trust.

We are Henry and Sergio.

We are your adventure elopement photographers, the groomsmen (or bridesmaids 😘) who can help zip up your dress, straighten your tie, hold your ipad when you need to do a zoom call with family, cry with you during vows, share our extra protein bars when you’re hungry, and most importantly, walking alongside with you every step of the way during this elopement planning process and documenting your love the way you know it and want to remember it.

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respectful & inclusive for all

over 220+ 5-star reviewed by our clients


Choosing Henry was the best decision we made (aside from finally eloping) & we know our experience wouldn’t have been the same if we had gone with anyone else.

As soon as Henry replied to our inquiry with some already-detailed options to consider, we were SO excited by his enthusiasm right off the bat. He suggested a couple places, but the location we were most intrigued by was Alaska, but in 2 MONTHS. We didn’t know if it was a possibility to consider, but Henry quickly assured us that it was feasible, & gave us suggestions on what to tackle right away to make it happen, all before we even officially signed any contracts. I don’t know how, but Henry has managed to take the most stiff & awkward individual (me), & capture these organic moments from our day. We never felt like he was awkwardly posing us— his encouragement throughout the day truly helped us to relax & take in every moment. The next day, Henry surprised us with over a hundred sneak peeks & gifs, & WOW! INCREDIBLE! UNREAL!! Henry captured are breathtaking & we are so privileged to see ourselves through his lens. Henry! We hope to see you again one day soon & are sad to be so far away. THANK YOU

kim & chris | eloped in alaska

Destination elopement photographer Henry Tieu with clients on top of a mountain in Alaska



There are all kind of emotions you should feel on your wedding day. “Regretful” should never be one. Years from now, you should still feel the warmth of your elopement experience as you flip through your wedding album with your loved ones.

Deaf couple signed in ASL during their elopement
Deaf couple signed in ASL during their elopement

01. The Power of Your Story

Your wedding day doesn’t create something they wasn’t ALREADY THERE. Rather, it’s a symbol of who you’ve been and the start of who you’ll be on this next journey. As your wedding photographers, we want to create a safe space where you can find comfort in sharing your story with us so we can tell it back to you via real, honest, and artful photographs

We document your wedding day by listening to your inner voices in order to hear your dreams, your wishes, your truth.

Lesbian intimate wedding in Oregon at ceremony

02. Experience Matters

Same sex couple eloped at Mt. Baker in Washington State
Stunning sunrise wedding in the mountain of washington state

03. You’re Welcome Here, Always!

Come to us as you are and we’ll do the rest.

We believe in telling stories of all love.

We believe in fostering a safe space for you regardless of your skin tone, your body size, your physical ability, or your gender and sexual orientation

Creative wedding photography in washingon state

03. Artful Photographs Matter

From the smallest moments you might have missed to the biggest moments you don’t want to forget, and also everything in between, we want to document your day fully so that years from now, you can look back and remember those exact emotions you’ve felt on your wedding day

On the other side of this

…when time moves fast,

…when life slows down,

…when memories fade,

all we have left is photographs as evidence of our intentional existence, our intentional love, our intentional life story

Not sure how where to start with planning an elopement?

Here’s How We Can Help Every Step Along The Way

We know what it’s like to face the unknowns so we made sure to provide as much information and education as possible so you can go into this with full confidence that Elopement Is For You

Visit our Elopement Experience page to learn about Resources of How To Elope & Where Are The Best Places to Elope. Visit our Blog to see real stories of couples who eloped and made the day wholeheartedly and uniquely theirs.

Whether it’s just the 2 of you or with family and friends, whether it’s up on the mountains or down by the beach, whether it’s within the United States or somewhere International, we have it all because we believe that you deserve the knowledge to make all the important decisions for your wedding day.

Forget “likes”, forget the “beauty” that is often falsely portrayed by social media.

We want to focus on THE REAL YOU

From multiple phone calls and meetings to customized questionnaires, our goal is to get to know you so we can document what’s real and important because we understand that each couple is different and so are each love story we get to photograph.

At a quick glance, the landscapes we found for our couples might be deemed “epic” but it’s never our intention to just go to “epic”.

In fact, we think the word “epic” itself is quite problematic. It aims to compliment but it also paints a false hype that oftentimes can make us long for something that isn’t real, isn’t tangible, isn’t purposeful.

Besides Henry and Sergio (your future elopement photographer wink wink 😘), we have a team that works together to find locations that are unique and inspiring according to what you envision for your day.

We don’t just want beautiful landscapes, we want landscapes that can inspire you and the start of your marriage.

So whether it’s an ADA trail so everyone can be there, or an 4×4 off-roading adventure up the mountain, or a Helicopter ride to a private summit, we’ll find it.

Do you need a hair and make up artist who understands the nature of elopements so they could provide make up that would last the whole day of adventuring? Or do you need help with navigating which permit we might need to apply for the chosen location?

We know that wedding planning can be stressful but hey, elopement planning is much better because we will be there alongside with you providing assistance with finding vendors, lodging, activities for your day as well as providing guidance on how to file appropriate permit and license applications

Your elopement day isn’t a “photoshoot day”. It’s the day where you bare your heart, show love and receive love. It’s the beginning of something wonderful, magical, and worth every single second living for and celebrating for.

So we’ll make sure to help with timeline planning as well as providing all our honest inputs and feedback so you don’t have to settle for anything that isn’t true to your hearts.

And while our main job is to capture your photos truthfully and artistically so years and years from now, you’ll be transported right back to the moment you shared those vows, we’ll be more than just your photographers, we are friends who you can count on

Blue hour wedding photo with stars and vintage car

what makes an elopement experience with us unlike any other:













how we help

Plan your dream adventure elopement today

With nature being your wedding venues and beautiful landscapes as your ceremony backdrops, the possibility is endless. But don’t let these factors overwhelm you from planning your dream elopement.

Washington’s Best Elopement Locations

Here’s our comprehensive list of the most beautiful places to elope in Washington State. From the mountain tops to the rugged coastline, this resource has it all

tips to consider when elope with couple in a helicopter in wedding attires

6 Things To Consider Before Eloping

You are thinking about eloping but unsure if elopement is for you. These 6 tips will help you understand what elopements are about and how to make the best experience out of it.

Why do people elope? Elopements Myths and Truths

We did an extensive survey on what people know about elopements and gathered honest opinions on those who eloped in order to write this comprehensive guide for you.



through story, we live

through story, we see life in a whole different perspective 

through story, we escape

through story, we are found 

Looking for more ideas & stories?

Rain or Shine, We’ll be right there with you, guiding you, photographing you



Your Skin Color Matters. Your Gender Expression & Sexuality Matters. Your Body Image Matters.

Come To Us As You Are and We’ll Do The Rest



Henry Tieu & Sergio - Washington Elopement Photographers
Henry Tieu and eloping clients on glacier with helicopter

We’re one of the original elopement photographers before elopements became popular. Since 2018, we’ve helped over 200 couples elope all over Washington State and across the world.

Although our main duty is capturing you and your love in the most breath-taking landscapes, we are more than just photographers. We help couples craft an intentional experience that allows honest emotions to reveal themselves because everyone deserve to truly and fully immerse themselves into the day that commemorates the beginning of something new, magical, and worth every second living for.

Sergio from Henry Tieu Photography photographing wedding couple at sunset at Ruby Beach


He was as much of a helpful planner as he is an AMAZING photographer.

We both admire his work and when it came to our day, if it’s even possible, Henry surpassed any expectation we could have had!! He was accessible through the whole planning process. He helped us keep little surprise secrets from each other, helped us choose where to stay, and had an amazing, vast knowledge, and solid recommendations of the several locations and hikes we should choose from. He even helped us pick places to go in the days after, including a recommendation for his favorite sushi place (which did not disappoint). He was as much of a helpful planner as he is an AMAZING photographer. The day of our elopement, Henry made our kids, our fur babies, and us, feel comfortable in front of his lens. He expressed excitement and joy in capturing every intimate moment throughout the day, and we absolutely felt like way more than just another client for him. We were both in tears as we looked through the beautiful sneak peek gallery that he sent, and we haven’t stopped looking through the gallery, a week later! We are eternally grateful for Henry, for both his amazing talent, and for his beautiful, kind soul.

megan & andrew | eloped in the north cascades national park

Henry Tieu, Washington elopement photographer, with clients at North Cascades National Park

more answers to your


Yes we do. Henry is based out of Seattle, Washington and Sergio is based out of Northern California. Between the two of us, we photograph all over Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, and the Southwest deserts.

We also have photographed weddings and elopements on 5 different continents. We’ve photographed at locations we had never had in-person experience at before but we’d always share this knowledge beforehand with each couple because we operate fully on transparency

No matter where we photograph, we will bring the same amount dedication in terms of online location scouting, finding vendor recommendations, researching on local law and regulations so that you can go into this day fully immerse in the experience of getting married in a breathtaking landscape without fears and worries.

We operate fully on transparency and empowerment. We believe that YOUR elopement day is YOUR wedding day and this day will forever be a part of you and your legacy. It signifies the beginning of your next chapter and hold significant meanings to every aspect of your life.

Therefore, you deserve a photographer whom you can truly connect with as they are the one who’s in charge of fleeting moments and memories of your day

We hope we can be your Washington Elopement Photographers but We STRONGLY believe that you should look around for options, view each photographer’s portfolio, read their reviews, and talk with them in order to really have a clear picture of how they work and how they can help you. Each photographer’s approach to wedding photography is like their DNA, it’s an extension of who they are

For us, we focus on an INTENTIONAL EXPERIENCE & ARTFUL PHOTOGRAPHS. In order to do so, we do more than just photography. We’ll be there with with you every step of the way to help you though this journey

We also believe in the power of your story, what makes you unique, and what you value rather than how you look or how your photos should look because of trends.

To learn more about what it’s like to work with us, view our Elopement Experience.

The short answer is you can elope anytime. However, for mountain places such as Mount Rainier, North Cascades, or the Olympic mountains, we recommend mid July until mid October for the best weather. In lower elevation such as the Snoqualmie Valley, Seattle, or the rugged Olympic National Park beaches, it is totally doable year round

Keep in mind that Washington’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to have a backup plan and be prepared for occasional rain showers. And of course we’ll be there every step of the way to help you plan for the unexpected and unknowns

One hundred percent. Elopement isn’t just about running away or keeping it all a secret. It should be an experience where you can enjoy the whole day with whomever you would like to be there. Therefore, for us, we consider elopements and intimate weddings the same.

Although we don’t limit the amount of guests you should have, some National Parks, State Parks, BLM Lands place limits on the guest size to protect trails and native plants.

We’ve noticed that a guest list of about 30 or so can still ensure a low-stress experience. If you are interested in having more than 30 guests, we can always chat to figure out a location and a plan to give you the best experience and photos.

You can elope without photography for as low as $70 (marriage license cost) or up to $33,900+ (with vendors, locations, etc…). How much your elopement will cost depends on what what you want to experience and your guest size. At a minimum, you’ll need wedding attires and a photographer.

We have an entire blog post on how much does it cost to elope that also includes a handy elopement calculator.

Our Washington State elopement packages start at $6,900. Our Anywhere-In-The-USA elopement packages start at $7,900. Our International Elopement Packages start at $8,900. With each package, travel fees are all included so you don’t have to worry about add-ons, additional fees, hidden fees. To learn more about everything that’s included in our services and how we can help, please visit our Pricing Page.

You can apply for your marriage license online 60 days before your elopement date. Washington State requires an ordained officiant and 2 witnesses. We will be there every step of the way to help you with important deadlines to make sure your elopement experience not only legal but also magical. For a full guide on how to elope in Washington State, read our guide here.

Most of our elopements average between 6-10 hours but how many hours you need will depend on how many locations you want to experience, how many guests you would like to have, and what activities you would like to experience for your elopement day.

A half-day elopement is around 6 – 8 hrs. Couples interested in both sunrise and sunset or multiple locations book a full day (10+ hrs.) Couples who want both a wedding experience where they spend the whole day with guests and also an elopement experience where they can spend private time together on a separate day book us for 2 days.

See our elopement packages for additional information and if you have any additional questions or are ready to book, send us a message and let’s get started!

Adventure elopements for us aren’t always about hiking. We believe that YOU DON’T NEED TO HIKE TO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL ELOPEMENT DAY

If hiking is what you enjoy, we’ll be ready with our hiking boots and some snacks to share. However, if it’s not something you love, we can certainly help find easy access locations for you and your family.

Mountain places like Mt. Rainier and North Cascades have amazing trails that can range from no hiking to 7 – 8 miles. If you’re looking to hike, we recommend no more than 2-3 miles each way since hiking for an elopement experience is different from hiking for fun as you’ll be carrying gears and outfits you’d typically not have.

  1. Once you’ve decided that eloping is for you, reach out to us on our contact page.
  2. We’ll get on a call to get to know each other and for us to share with you more knowledge, details, tips and resources.
  3. Once we figure out the best date for the best weather at your dream location, we’ll prepare a contract in order to reserve that date right away.
  4. After that, we go into planning mode together to make sure this experience is personalized and customized to your vision and your needs.

Trust us, it is as easy as it sounds 🙂


Love Letters from Our Happy Couples

Bride and groom eloped on a beach in the southern Washington State Park



Henry is top tier! We feel so lucky to have got to work with him for our elopement. My husband and I are not the type that like being the center of attention. We wanted to get married and have it feel special and be in the moment. I found Henry on Instagram and knew he was who I wanted to work with, his art is unmatched! Henry is so much more than a photographer. He helped us choose a location and an Airbnb. Gave us recommendations for flowers, officiants, hair and makeup. He was pretty much our wedding coordinator 😉 When the day finally came Henry had done his research on the location. He went to check out the spot for the ceremony before we met for the day. He was checking the tide and keeping an eye on the weather. He was super flexible when we voiced our concerns for staying as dry as possible for the ceremony. He was totally fine with switching up the plan due to the weather. At the end of the day when we said our goodbyes my husband and I couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had and how amazing of a person Henry is! It felt like hanging out with a friend all day. Like I said we both don’t love being the center of attention, we never felt awkward during our photos being taken, Henry made us feel so comfortable and made it so easy to be in the moment and enjoy our day!
Trust me, you will not regret working with Henry! He sent us sneak peaks a day after our elopement. It wasn’t just a few photos, he sent us 80!! On top of a few fun GIFs. It was so special to receive some photos so fast and also reassure our decision to work with Henry. The photos were mind blowing. We have received SO many compliments, they are simply perfection. I truly can’t recommend Henry enough!!

Two brides, lesbians, eloping in North Cascades



We are from Georgia and knew we wanted to get married in the PNW. We were initially thinking about Mt. Rainier but during our first conversation with Henry, he recommended a different location with much shorter hiking. We immediately felt like he was listening and wanted to help make our elopement perfect. And perfect is an understatement. Other than his immaculate work, Henry is the greatest hype man and encourager. Given that it was just my wife and I who were there and we both wanted a first look, Henry helped both of us get into our dresses and even helped put on skin tape. We had a small snafu of forgetting our bouquets at our Airbnb, but Henry was so patient and talked with us through the realization.

And the photos, are you kidding me? Henry got us sneak peeks the day following our elopement and I have not stopped looking at them since. I cannot begin to describe the overwhelming joy these pictures give me. As someone who was not sure that my love could ever be celebrated, Henry made sure to capture everything wonderful about my love. Every single person who I have shown the pictures to has had the same reaction – in just complete awe. Several have even stated they want to get married again just so they could work with Henry.

I would recommend Henry to anybody and everybody who is considering working with him. It was the best decision I ever made (other than marrying my wife)!



Henry is above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined in an elopement photographer. We knew we wanted to work with him when we first came across his work because he posses the rare ability to capture the intimacy of a moment as well as the grandeur of any landscape. He is an incredible human being and an absolute joy to work with throughout the entire process. His creativity, artistry, is on a whole other level, and we are in love with every single image he captured.

From our first phone call together, Henry was able to answer any questions we had and provide great recommendations based on his experiences. We had never visited Mt. Rainier National Park, so he helped us choose and plan for our particular hike and location.

Henry made the entire planning process FUN. What normally is a daunting, stressful experience turned out to be one of the most fun adventures to plan. When we got to the big day, we really struggled to find anything to worry about.

When Henry arrived to begin capturing our elopement, he jumped right in. He knew what questions to ask and was able to be incredibly creative while on the fly. When he envisions something in his imagination, he knows how to bring it to life. He coached us through each part of the process that day and everyone felt comfortable and relaxed. You can see the evidence of this in the photos he took.

Speaking of his photos, we loved every single one that he took and shared with us in the sneak peaks. Henry knows how to “paint with light,” and his photos are absolutely breathtaking. We couldn’t be happier.