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Because photos remember the little things long after you have forgotten everything

The thing about photos is that no matter how crazy life can get, for a second, when we click that shutter button, time stands still,  everything freezes, and in that moment, for a fraction of a second, everything is beautiful and life is perfect.

When we grow old, photos remind us of how we once looked. When times get tough, photos let us re-live those times when life was much easier and full of hopes and dreams. When we lose our loved ones, photos are the only thing that lives on and allows us to immerse in the nostalgia and memories.

Photos are timeless. Photos are sacred.

Our job as elopement photographers means more than producing beautiful images but also capturing honest ones. We put our whole hearts into our work and our couples and we hope you do the same when it comes to choosing a photographer who speaks the same language your heart does.

One thing we do need to ask from you: Bring your 100% self. Dress the way you dress, look the way you look. If you have fur babies, bring them. Do you like fishing? Or snowshoeing? Or simply watching the sunset by the beach? Let us know. Come to us as you are because YOU LOOK BEST WHEN YOU SHOW YOUR TRUE SELF. We’re inspired by our clients and we’d like to capture the REAL YOU. We don’t care about the social media’s distorted views on “BEAUTY”, we care about the “BEAUTY” that you are going to bring to your life and to our lives.

After all, this is the day we are going to celebrate your love, your commitment, your partnership. We hope that years from now, when you look back at all the photos we created together, they will put a smile on your face and warmth to your heart.

So let’s ditch traditions that you don’t identify with, walk your own path, and let’s craft an elopement day full of intentional details you don’t ever want to forget 🙂


As a disabled individual Henry never once othered me. He took our vision and turned it into fine art.

It was important to both of us to keep our ceremony intimate but to still have it reflect the abundance of joy, laughter, and hope we that we each represented to each other. He was the true champion leading up to, on the day of, and somehow even after our wedding. He surprised us time and time again with his thoughtfulness. All in all, if I could give a higher rating on this review I would. As a disabled individual Henry never once othered me. A feat that is not easy when trying to speak with someone who struggles to maintain eye contact with new people or who is trying to traverse a sandy beach with a walker. Beyond just the breathtaking photos that are absolutely still motion art at its finest, Henry himself is warm, thoughtful, and a pure joy. Both he and his work are priceless.








A GIF Video consists of multiple GIFs (animated photos) and Stills (static photos) to create an artwork that is a hybrid between photography and videography so you can get not only the visual but also the audio memories of your day.



A traditional wedding video is the typical video made from smaller clips you’re already familiar with and seen. With it being a different format and settings, you’ll need a separate videographer in order to focus their whole attention to making this film. During the planning process, we can certain help you find a videographer and any other vendors you might need

A GIF Video however is an original product created by us to help you get your vows recorded and to storytell your wedding experience in terms of an animated film made with GIFs and still images.

We’re not here to say whether one is better than the other. Truly it’s all about what YOU LOVE and what SPEAKS to your heart. We love our videographer colleagues and we’re not here to tell you why one is better than the other.

Here’s a list of all the PROS for each:

— Traditional videos:

– Videographer can work independently

– Smooth clips + lots of details

– Different kind of creativity

— GIF Videos from us:

– Same kind of editing so you’ll get a video that has the SAME TONES AND COLORS as your photos

EXTRA GIFs and photos for your gallery

SAVE ON COSTS AND FEES: You’re already paying me for photos, there is no additional cost on time, travel fees, or hours. The only thing you’ll pay for is the GIF Video service.

A Gif video is also perfect for if you want to have your adventure elopement your way without worrying about the cost and logistics of hiring and hiking with an additional videographer.

Whether it’s an elopement, wedding or a vow renewal, if you would like to have your vows recorded and storytell in an artistic way, a GIF Video is perfect for you

Since each GIF Video is consisted of multiple GIFs, overall, you’ll end up with about 25 – 30% more still images and GIFs in your final gallery in additional to the video product.

In order to create individual GIFs that will become part of your video, we will need to spend the whole day to capture the whole experience. Therefore, this service is not available as a stand-alone service.

If you are considering us for a wedding, elopement, or vow renewal package, you can add on this GIF Video service anytime during the planning process.

Post processing for a GIF video requires all photos to be fully edited before we can start process your audio, additional clips, and ultimately your video.

If a Gif Video is booked early, we’ll be able to time each project and there is no extension needed. Our turn-around time is exactly the same as turn-around time for photos, which would be 90 days at the latest

If a Gif video is added at a later time, we’ll share with you whether a 90-day turn around time is still doable or we would need an additional 30 days.

Our goal: We know you are excited to watch this video but we also know that this video should last a lifetime; therefore, we want to make sure that we have enough time to fully dedicate our artistic touch to the final product. We’ll be as timely and efficient as possible, but we won’t sacrifice the quality of your video for the sake of time.

100% yes.

Regardless of which package you book with us, GIFs and artistic images such as double exposures and composites are all included.

This GIF Video package is only if you want to have a wedding film and vow recording included.

Yes for sure. You don’t have to book the Gif video package from the very beginning.

You can always book us for photography first in order to preserve a date. During the planning process, let us know if you would like to add on GIF Video package anytime

One important note to keep in mind: Although we can add on this package anytime, the sooner we know, the sooner we can schedule our editing process in order to provide a faster turn-around time

more answers to your


We can help plan your elopement in as little as a few weeks, but ideally, we like to plan between 12-18 months in advance. Booking early also helps ensure we are available on your preferred date.

We believe that you deserve to have all the important people in your life present on your elopement/wedding day

If these loved ones (family or not) are significant to you, they should be there. This is why we don’t limit the amount of guests with our packages.

However, when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding using nature as your backdrop, we recommend keeping your size to 30 guests or less

Some National Parks, State Parks, BLM Lands place limits on the guest size to protect trails and native plants.

If you are interested in having more than 30 guests, we can always chat to figure out a location and a plan to give you the best experience and photos.

You can elope without photography for as low as $70 (marriage license cost) or up to $33,900+ (with vendors, locations, etc…). How much your elopement will cost depends on what what you want to experience and your guest size. At a minimum, you’ll need wedding attires and a photographer.

We have an entire blog post on how much does it cost to elope that also includes a handy elopement calculator

Some States require 1-2 witnesses while others don’t require any, some States even allows you to self-solemnize. If you are eloping in a location that does require witnesses and you have family and/or friends who can be there for you, that’s amazing. If not, it’s ok. Oftentimes, we are one or both of the witnesses, and we can also recommend a list of officiants for you.

With so many beautiful places to see in the world it can be hard to pick where to go for your elopement but we have compiled a list of the best places to elope in the U.S. and worldwide. When in doubt, you can always get in touch with us and we can offer help on finding a location that fits your vision

Most of our elopements average between 6-10 hours but how many hours you need will depend on how many locations you want to experience, how many guests you would like to have, and what activities you would like to experience for your elopement day.

A half-day elopement is around 6 – 8 hrs. Couples interested in both sunrise and sunset or multiple locations book a full day (10+ hrs.) Couples who want both a wedding experience where they spend the whole day with guests and also an elopement experience where they can spend private time together on a separate day book us for 2 days.

See our elopement packages above for additional information and if you have any additional questions or are ready to book, send us a message and let’s get started!

Yes, we photograph both intimate weddings and elopements. For both types of event, our services remain the same. We’ll provide guidance, support, and feedback so you can customize your experience to what you truly love. We will be there every step of the way to make sure you have both an AMAZING EXPERIENCE & HEART-WARMING PHOTOS


An adventure elopement doesn’t always mean that hiking is involved. The ultimate goal of an adventure elopement is in the intentional details. So truly, “adventure” actually means a day that would leave you with beautiful memories you don’t want to forget. If you’re looking to hike, we recommend no more than 2-3 miles each way. Otherwise, if you’re comfortable with a short walk we can look for a location that is easily accessible that still has epic views.

Your elopement day can and should look however you want it to! One TRUTH we hold closely to our heart is that: Your elopement day is your wedding day. It consists of all the details and important memories. Whether big or small, whether it’s just the 2 of you or with some loved ones nearby, your elopement day SHOULD BE TRULY YOURS. Check out our blog post on Elopement Planning Tips for planning a unique elopement.

Booking with us includes one photographer. After you inquire, Henry or Sergio will reach out to you directly and will continue to be your elopement guide from day 1 til the day you get married. The best thing is, whether you book Henry or Sergio, we have an entire team behind every beautiful elopement. All of us communicate with each other every day and help each other with location scouting, permit research, unique finds on accommodations and hidden gems. Overall, when you hire one of us, you get all of us.

  1. Once you’ve decided that eloping is for you, reach out to us on our contact page.
  2. We’ll get on a call to get to know each other and for us to share with you more knowledge, details, tips and resources.
  3. Once we figure out the best date for the best weather at your dream location, we’ll prepare a contract in order to reserve that date right away.
  4. After that, we go into planning mode together to make sure this experience is personalized and customized to your vision and your needs.

Trust us, it is as easy as it sounds 🙂

Your Skin Color Matters. Your Gender Expression & Sexuality Matters. Your Body Image Matters.

Come To Us As You Are and We’ll Do The Rest