Noelle + Nate | Intimate Sunrise Wedding At Lake Cushman | Olympic National Park Elopement Photographer

Bride and groom with their dog at Lake Cushman by Olympic National Park for their elopement

My heart melted the minute these three stood in front of me in their wedding attires and with the view of Lake Cushman in the back. This adventurous day-after bridal session is definitely one for the books.

This beautiful session was featured on Bride and Tonic. *inserting heart eyes 🙂 


The Bouquet is homemade by my husband who just looked up photos on Pinterest and created this beautiful bouquet for us. This was way before he created Rain and Pines

The Story:

Nate and Noelle had a small wedding at a local venue in Black Diamond, WA. They wanted their days to be filled with laughters and smiles from family and only a couple of friends. As a friend, the couple wanted me to be there to celebrate and to enjoy the day with them but they also wanted some stunning photos of that just screams “Pacific Northwest” so that’s why we planned on this epic session just a week after their wedding. Nate is a nurse, and Noelle is a teacher. They truly are both stunning in photos and in everything they do in life. Literally couple goals.

Inspiration behind the day: 

When we planned on this Bridal Session, I had a lot of locations in mind. As a new photographer, I am eager to learn so I looked up places around Washington for a perfect location. We originally did not pick Lake Cushman until I saw Noelle’s dress. She walked down the isle and I immediately knew we have to take photos of her by a lake. At the reception, I told the couple about Lake Cushman and they were totally down.

Favorite memories of the day:

We woke up super early in order to catch that early fog by the lake. Noelle was freezing in the dress but she was being so awesome about everything. Nate kept on messing with his bride. He kept putting his cold hand on her open back and I was able to capture so many raw, beautiful, and playful moments of these two. We laughed a lot, and Nate also got yelled at a lot. 

Did I mention they brought their fur baby? This fur baby was truly acting like a baby the whole time. She would not sit still and kept on jumping on everything. We were so afraid that she would get everyone dirty. Then out of nowhere, she just sat down and looked at her human. I immediately screamed “Oh my gosh. Everyone paused, now, look at me and smile. No one move”. Our clothes did end up getting mud from her paws but it was so worth it.

Advice for brides planning now:

Beautiful brides, I truly can’t wait for you to experience your big day. Just remember that no matter what your budget is or how big your wedding is, just remember to be playful, carefree, and take a step back to take in every single moment of your day. If your venue doesn’t have an epic view, you can always plan on a bridal session with your favorite photographer. After all, it’s once in a lifetime and you want be able to have these memories captured.

Lake Cushman, Olympic National Park
Lake Cushman, Olympic National Park
Boho elopement at Lake Cushman, Olympic National Park wedding
A very PNW Boho elopement at Lake Cushman, Olympic National Park wedding
Bride and groom with elegant bouquet late fall in Lake Cushman
Lake Cushman is the best place to elope by olympic national park
Beautiful mountain views by Lake Cushman for bride and groom on their wedding day
Beautiful sunrise for a Fall elopement by Olympic National Park
Bride and groom enduring the cold for their Lake Cushman elopement
Boho wedding dress at Lake Cushman by Olympic National Park
A very Pacific Northwest elopement by Lake Cushman of Olympic National Park
Wedding venue that allows pets in Seattle, Washington
Beautiful moment between the newly weds by Olympic National Park Lake Cushman

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