A Heart-Warming Vow Renewal at Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park | Caitlin + Alexa

Caitlin + Alexa | Ruby Beach Wedding | Olympic National Park Elopement Photographer

Two brides at ruby beach elopement in their beautiful boho rue de seine dresses

Whether it’s an elopement, engagement or vow renewal, Ruby Beach of Olympic National Park is the perfect place to admire the beauty of nature as well as showing your love for each other.

Caitlin and Alexa are the kind of people that you can sit down with and talk for hours and hours without realizing it. You’d sit there talking with them and you can’t help but keep on smiling because of their positive energy.

I know of these gorgeous ladies when Caitlin signed up to be at my Photography Workshop. She’s a photographer as well, heck, a very good one. And to be 100% honest, this shoot was supposed to be an inspiration shoot because I want to show off how beautiful the Olympic National Park is, especially Ruby Beach. How this became their real vow renewal started the night before the shoot.

The night before the big day, we stayed together in a cute cabin right on the lake. If you haven’t noticed already, I am huge fan of cabins. Check out my other blog post on PNW A-FRAME CABIN ELOPEMENT INSPIRATION AT MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK.

Caitlin and Alexa shared with me their life story and their love story and without knowing it, tears were streaming down my face.

The way they found each other, the way they keep on supporting one another, the way they raise their family together, they showed me that marriage is not all about the sunshine and rainbows but it’s all about how you can dream together and how you can support each other to get there.

We talked til 2am. Slept for a couple of hours. Woke up early to enjoy the cabin, to hang by the lake, to get ready together, and simply to take in every single second together. We then drove to Ruby Beach of Olympic National Park and enjoy the warm sun on our skin.

Viet (Rain and Pines) and Amber (Sift and Gather) helped us set up the epic ceremony site and table. Often times when we see beautiful photos on the internet, we immediately think of the photographer and his or her hard work. Often times, we forget about all the other vendors. This Ruby Beach vow renewal would not be half as pretty without these guys. They dragged everything down on a little wagon and had to carry all these heavy and delicate decors over driftwoods. I am still so honored and grateful they went all out. I also cannot thank Carlee (Rusted Vase Floral Co) and Katie (Ink and Sable) for their beautiful creative work on all the flowers and stationaries. Can’t forget about these gorgeous bohemian Rue De Seine dresses from The Dress Theory Seattle. Thank you thank you thank you

As Caitlin and Alexa exchanged their vows, all of us stood there in silence, in awe, in love. We get the honor to be there for them and with them. We get the honor of looking at them being beautiful at the most beautiful place in Olympic National Park.

Caitlin and Alexa, thank you for having me. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for allowing me to be there. Thank you for being my friends. I love you guys and I can’t wait for us to reunite soon. Love you both :)

From Alexa

If you are considering hiring Henry to be your epic photographer, the answer is 100%. Every time. YES. yes. yes.

My wife and I were lucky enough to have Henry capture our vow renewal. The whole experience was an absolute dream! Not only did the photos turn out to be jaw-dropping, the magic of the day was warped up perfectly into them. When I look at them I can still remember holding my wife’s hand and laughing with her as we spun around the beach. *insert Henry shouting YASSS from behind his camera*

The world needs more people like Henry. I feel truly blessed to have met him and his hubby Viet. The energy they bring is so amazing! When we left at the end of the day I didn’t know if we were more excited about the beautiful photos or the new friends we had made. Henry has a special way of making you feel so beautiful and comfortable. I wouldn’t say I’m a natural in front of the camera but he gave just enough guidance to make me feel like I was nailing it {and did I mention the photos are EPIC?!}

Our photos turned out even better than I could have envisioned, and quite honestly still find myself speechless when I try to find the words to accurately describe just how much I love them. If you want to work with somebody who has true passion and zest for life, look no further!

From Caitlin

What do I even say about our vow renewal? Magical? Incredible? Heart stopping beautiful? Maybe that’s not enough detail. Let me explain. 

My wife and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary this year. So, we did a vow renewal ceremony that will forevermore go down as a perfect day from start to to finish, all thanks to Henry and his incredible team of vendors that made this day a possibility for us. He helped us choose our gowns, and took care of all the details from start to finish. The thing that really struck me the most about our vow renewal was how down to earth both Henry and his husband Viet really were. They were just normal people like us. We spent a whole day with them and I never once felt that awkwardness that can sometime happen when two introverts (my wife and I) meet new people. Instead, when we first met, I felt instantly excited. Excited to have my special day in the hands of such great talent, but also so excited to share a very private and intimate day with people who felt like they were excited and honored to be there for us during that moment. 

The pictures and scene the vendors created was something out of a storybook. I really can’t accurately express what beauty was created on that day. Henry guided both of us through the beach we were on and just let his creativity fly. It was freezing but it didn’t matter. His excitement for the pictures he was capturing kept the time flying by. He captured us being silly, beautiful, authentic, and most important— authentically together. He captured my wife exactly as I see her and that was important. I wanted our images to reflect who we were as people and as a couple and he did exactly that. I can say, without hesitation, that this was one of the best days I’ve ever had with my wife. 

The experience you will get if you hire Henry will be unmatched by anyone anywhere. You tell him what you have envisioned, and it will be there. Like magic. Not only do I have this dreamy day to save in my memory for the rest of time, but I also have pictures and a heart melting video to match. I can’t say enough about this man, except that he is a fucking magician. 

Thank you Henry. Thank you a million time

Special thanks to these amazing vendors:

Planning and Styling: Rain and Pines

Florals: Rusted Vase Floral Co

Cake: Sift and Gather

Stationaries: Ink and Sable

Dress Boutique: The Dress Theory Seattle.

Dress Designer: Rue De Seine

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