PNW A-Frame Cabin Elopement Inspiration at Mount Rainier National Park

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If you're lost, you can look and you will find me. Time after time

If there's one thing photography has taught me is that everything around you is beautiful, look and you will see. Living in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle - Tacoma area to be specific), I am so used to the rain. If you ever have a chance to visit this place, you'll see that only tourists hold umbrellas (did you see I casually throw shade here?, just kidding haha). Life around here is pretty freaking epic to be honest with you. Fun doesn't have to be expensive, we don't have to spend tons of money on amusement parks, we spend money on camping and hiking gears so we can see the beauty of nature. So yes, why not incorporating all those things into an epic elopement that just screams Pacific Northwest. 

That line above 'An Epic Elopement that just screams Pacific Northwest" was what started it all. What screams PNW more than an A-Frame Cabin? We found the perfect Cabin by the base of Mount Rainier National Park, located in Packwood. The trip down this way took us almost 3 hours of driving. 

We drove all around Seattle to pick everything up: cake, flowers, dress, rentals. Then drove to this amazing cabin the night before. It was a dark and foggy January evening and the drive could not have been more perfect. Rain hit our windshield. The shadows of mountains and pine trees were mesmerizing. We played some oldies on our Spotify playlist and just sang along the whole way. 

The weather during that week was very confusing and concerning. We went through rain and shine just in the matter of minutes so truly none of us knew what it would be like. The only thing we knew was that it doesn't matter rain or shine, this epic PNW A-Frame Cabin Elopement inspiration will 100% happen and none of us will stop for anything.

The day started at 5 A.M. Our amazing hair and make-up artist Jessi Blankenship brought our visions to life with her talents. While she helped Bonita getting ready, Logan and I had a chance to talk and learn about each other. I listened to his stories, how he met Bonita, and how they explore the world together.

I always love these moments. These small moments that lead to bigger moments. I love how we all get to sit around and talk and just get fascinated about each other.

I do this with almost every couple, whether it's a couple session or a wedding or an elopement. Today's life is all about being in a hurry so for everyone to slow down and talk, it is not only necessary but it's also very therapeutic. 

With the A-Frame Cabin being a rental, we did not have a lot of time to shoot. I did a quick calculation and with the late checkout that we were allowed, I only had a total of 3 hours to shoot then we have to clean up and check out. I started shooting the minute I got just enough light.

Once we were done with getting ready, we started with first looks right in front of the cabin. It was tough trying to keep it a real first look moment since we all got ready in the same cabin but we did it. Logan truly did not get to see Bonita until this moment. I still remember their reactions at another. 

It started raining just as we were done with the first looks. So as we moved on to the ceremony, which happened right in front of the cabin, Rain and Pines started setting the most perfect sweet heart table. 

We got rained on pretty bad. We all had to go inside to dry ourselves off and to keep warm right after the ceremony. Truly, it was perfectly imperfect and we were all happy with it. 

The rain added texture and personality to everything we created. The rain helped created those "Yass Queen" moments that we truly made it our own. 

I've said this before but I truly think that writing it here is also super important: FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANK YOU TO THE AMAZING COUPLE, JESSI, AND RAIN AND PINES FOR ROCKING EVERYTHING YOU DO EVEN IN THE RAIN.

This session was also featured on Junebug Weddings in May 2018. Here's a little excerpt of what's on Junebug, click on the link above to read more:

"If you love rainy wedding days, bohemian style, and cozy forest vibes, this cabin elopement inspiration from Henry Tieu Photography is all you’re going to want to look at today! Rather than set up a traditional ceremony backdrop, they used the a-frame design of cabin to frame the couple’s vow exchange. When it came time for a celebratory dinner, Rain and Pines created a beautiful sweetheart table with black and white place settings and candle, one gorgeous floral centerpiece made by Bond in Bloom, and a modern grey drip cake from Corina Bakery. We love the earthy, natural feel of this entire elopement inspiration, and especially love that the bride wore a non-traditional floral print and tassel Rue De Seine gown that enhanced the moody magic this talented team created."

The Talented Team:

Photography – Henry Tieu Photography
Event Planning – Rain and Pines
Floral Design – Bond in Bloom
Cake – Corina Bakery
Stationery – Pink by Peach
Makeup Artist and Hair Styling – Jessica Blankenship
Wedding Dress – Rue De Seine via The Dress Theory Seattle
Rentals – Fanciful Rentals & Vintage Ambiance 


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