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Bride and groom portraits at Isle of Skye Scotland

The Couple and Their Decision to Elope in Scotland

From the very beginning, Ryan and Joanna had a clear vision of what they wanted their elopement day to look like. Their dream day included a ceremony taking place somewhere with lots of greenery and epic views surrounded by nature. They wanted something quiet and peaceful, without a lot of people or distractions around so they could just focus on each other. They dreamed of a place like Scotland so when we hopped on the phone together, I knew we had to make it happen!

02/22/2022 was one of the most popular elopement dates this year but it was an especially special date for Ryan and Joanna. The couple had officially started dating in February 2019 and got engaged in February 2020, so they wanted to keep tradition and get married in February on the most epic day of the year!

Scotland in February can get quite cold and rainy so we knew going this time of the year would mean embracing the rain and celebrating an elopement day for whatever life throws at us. Little did we know we also would have to weather a severe windstorm that the U.K. hasn’t seen in 30 years!

Couple portraits at elopement in Scotland

From Braving Crazy Wind Storms To Exchanging Vows on the Isle of Skye, this Is How To Elope In Scotland Adventurously

Leading up to Joanna and Ryan’s wedding day, all of our flights into the Isle of Skye got canceled multiple times due to Storm Eunice, one of the UK’s severest windstorms in history. The couple and I worked together to come up with alternative solutions to help each other get to this beautiful spot. No matter what hurdles kept getting thrown at us, Ryan and Joanna stayed calm and just went with the flow through it all.

After facing a couple of flight cancellations, Rain and Pines and I finally made it to Scotland. By the time we got there, it was quite dark. We woke up to a raging windstorm outside. We drove to the Isle of Skye where Joanna and Ryan’s elopement was supposed to take place and I drove on the opposite side of the street for the first time in the UK while Storm Eunice was hitting us. The whole time, I kept on refreshing my browser to make sure my couple’s flight can make it in ok. They eventually did and we all breathed a little sigh of relief.

On their elopement day, we got sun, rain, snow, wind, and sun again. We truly faced it all and the best thing is, Joanna and Ryan never let any of these weather changes stop them from celebrating their marriage the way their hearts desire.

Ryan and Joanna’s Isle of Skye Scotland elopement was the perfect picture of you can’t have a rainbow without the rain. When it comes to adventure elopements, sometimes you just have to let go of expectations and embrace whatever comes your way. The beauty might be hard to see at the moment but a little bit of faith and a little bit of “learning to let go” does allow us to just be still, to just say “rain or shine, we are doing this, we are getting married.”

Thank you Joanna and Ryan for truly embracing it all and trusting in me through it all. You allowed me to document your day and be a part of your story I am incredibly humbled and honored.

Meet the couple & the best Scotland Elopement Photographer everrrr!!! 🙂😘

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Photographer: Henry Tieu Photography (aka Henry)

Day-of Coordinator: Rain and Pines

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