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How to Choose a Location to Elope near Mt. Rainier

We know that choosing an elopement location can feel like a daunting task. After all, this is the place where you and your partner will start your married lives together and the place that you will remember for years to come. As your elopement photographers, we have a list of all the best places to elope near Mt. Rainier and can help you choose the best spot for your elopement, but ultimately the location you choose will all come down to what you need and what is important to you.

A couple things to ask yourself when choosing an elopement location.

  • Ease of Access – Will you have guests hiking with you? Do you prefer a short hike or a longer adventure? Would you like an easy trail or a more adventurous climb? All of these are important things to consider when deciding on a location for your elopement.
  • Time of Day – Do you prefer a sunrise or sunset ceremony? Depending on which you prefer may help you decide on a location that will have the best lighting during that time of day.
  • Time of Year – What time of year will you be eloping? Time of year may also play a part in helping determine your elopement location due to accessibility. For instance, if you are planning a winter elopement, you may need to consider road conditions near Mt. Rainier as they may be snowy and require snow tires or chains.
  • Inside or outside the park – There are many beautiful views of Mt. Rainier from both inside and outside the park. Do you have a particular view in mind? Depending on your vision, we can help narrow down the best locations for what you have in mind.

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Sunset Adventure Elopement at Mt Rainier National Park

The Couple and Their Decision to Elope at Mt. Rainier National Park

Holly and Diem reached out when they were actually just about a month before their traditional wedding.

From our initial phone call, I can see how they were torn between knowing they always wanted to elope and wanting to please family due to religion and cultural beliefs.

So with our initial phone call, we discussed how we can do both so the couple can get the best of both worlds.

In order to help alleviate stress, I told Holly and Diem to focus on their traditional wedding back at home for now, I will take care of everything else.

Knowing their hearts, I started doing research and find some of the most beautiful trails around Mt. Rainier National Park to share with the couple.

After things calmed down a bit from their wedding, we got together again and finally picked a trail together so we can start planning their adventure elopement in Washington.

Holly and Diem’s story is a prime example of how your elopement day doesn’t always mean the day you “legally” become married, rather, it’s the day where you spend doing everything you love to do together as a couple, share your vows for the first time, and ignore whatever other external voices that tell you otherwise.

Mt Rainier Elopement during the most spectacular sunset

From spending quality time in a cozy cabin to hiking over 5 miles on your elopement day, This Is How To Elope at Mt. Rainier Adventurously

Holly and Diem’s elopement truly was one of the most intimate experience I get to be a part of.

The couple didn’t need anyone else but each other for this day: no officiant, no hair and make up artist, no witnesses, no one else but someone who can photograph and document their day (wink wink)

I met the couple at their cabin. Located in deep green forest, their cabin is so modern and super cute. Holly and Diem got ready together, drank some alcohol to help with the nervousness although they are already married because today is their elopement day nevertheless.

After spending some times capturing the way they help each other getting dressed, I took the couple to Mt. Rainier and we started hiking. I love how every turn we took, I kept hearing all the “oohs” and “ahhhs” from the couple and seeing all the selfies as well as being a part of their selfies as well 🙂

Although the couple got ready together, we still wanted to save for that first look moment. So after hiking for hours, we found a little spot to sit down and relax. We wiped away sweats and started wiping tears from such an emotional first look. I love how Rainier was just right there right in the backdrop.

We continued on hiking, explored this beautiful trail till alpenglow, a phenomenal when the mountain is glowing from the softest light from the sun. We all cried at how beautiful this day was and also I blame my tears on their sweet vows

My absolute favorite moment has to be during first dance right after the couple popped their Champagne. Their Champagne drops got on my lens and mixed with the dreamiest light during blue hours created a magical effect that none of us planned on but were so happy we got. This is one of those unplanned moments that only an elopement can bring and I am so happy I get to share it with Holly and Diem.

Holly and Diem, I miss you both like crazy and I think of you every time I hike this trail. Thanks for trusting all your hearts in mine and allowed me to capture your elopement day. Come back and visit sometimes 🙂

Elopement celebration in Mt Rainier

Henry was able to capture our love for each other in such a way that reaffirmed our decision to have a private vow exchange in an incredible setting.

I am so thankful my husband came across Henry Tieu on Instagram. I can’t imagine that anyone else could have given us a more personal, meaningful, amazing, effortless, memorable experience that we will cherish for a lifetime. My husband and I were married in Feb 2020 in a ceremony that was more for our families and not ideally what we wanted in terms of expressing our true selves – we are pretty private with our feelings and didn’t want everyone to hear our vows and see us ugly cry. At Mt. Rainier in Sept 2020, Henry was able to capture our love for each other in such a way that reaffirmed our decision to have a private vow exchange in an incredible setting. Not only were we able to realize our dream of committing to each other on a deeper, more emotional level, we also have print/canvas-worthy photos to look back on for a lifetime. There are no words to express how lucky we are to have had the opportunity to work with Henry, and would choose him a million times over, no questions asked. If you’re looking for someone creative, talented, spontaneous, genius, funny, humble, and genuine to create a once in a lifetime experience for you and your partner, and someone who at the end of it all you can call a friend, Henry is your man. Love you, boo! – Holly & Diem
Holly & Diem
Mt Rainier sunset elopement

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