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The Couple and Their Decision to Plan an Intimate Adventure Wedding with Friends at Mt Rainier

This intimate adventure wedding with Stephanie and Anthony was a true picture of what elopements are all about! When they first reached out to me, Stephanie and Anthony had already had to change their wedding plans a few times. Both of their families lived on opposite sides of the country and everyone had a different opinion of what the day should look like.

When we got on the phone, the couple shared with me how important it was for their elopement day to feel intimate. This was especially important for them when it came to sharing their vows as they didn’t want a lot of eyes on them during this special moment.

Friends are a big part of Stephanie and Anthony’s life and, in fact, a few of their friends were the main reason why the couple met in the first place. Because their friends were so important to them, Stephanie and Anthony wanted them to be a part of their big day so they decided to elope their way. They decided that having an intimate elopement with just their friends would be the best way to go. Later, they would plan a reception with their parents and other family members so everyone would have the chance to celebrate with them.

This new plan meant that Stephanie and Anthony would not have to hold back on the things that were important to them. They would get to have the day that meant the most to them, which is what eloping is all about!

Bride and groom dancing in the wildflower fields at Mt Rainier elopement

From Exchanging Vows at a Picturesque Lake To Taking in the Views of the Wildflower Trails, this Is How To Elope In Mt Rainier Adventurously

Stephanie and Anthony’s intimate adventure wedding day started at their cabins in Wellspring Spa. Wellspring is a beautiful and quiet woodland retreat just 30 minutes away from Mt. Rainier, making it an incredibly convenient and beautiful place for couples looking to stay near the park. All of their friends also had booked cabins at the resort so it felt like they had the whole place to themselves.

When I arrived on the day of their elopement, everyone had just gotten back from a nearby lake where they had all taken advantage of the warm weather and gone swimming. Everyone was feeling super relaxed, the perfect way to kick off an elopement day!

After the couple finished getting ready, we found a nice pond near one of the cabins for Stephanie and Anthony to have a private first look. We then packed everything up and they all jumped on a shuttle bus so everyone could ride together to the ceremony site.

When we arrived, we were greeted with a beautiful view of the lake with a clear backdrop of Mt Rainier in the distance. We found a private spot by the path where they shared their intimate vows with their loved ones standing by. There were a lot of tears and laughter during the ceremony, and when it had all finished, the group toasted with Mt. Rainier beer cans.

After everyone had finished celebrating, the friends headed back to their cabins to wait for Stephanie and Anthony while the three of us went on a hike for romantic sunset photos. During the planning process, Stephanie and Anthony mentioned that they wanted photos with an elevated view of Mt Rainier but they didn’t want to have a lot of hiking involved. And, they still wanted privacy, so it was important that we find a location that wouldn’t have a lot of people. After much research, I found the perfect trail that would make them feel like they had the whole place to themselves. It had an epic view of Rainier and we were blessed with tons of wildflowers along the path. The whole time we were exploring we couldn’t help but stop and just be IN the moment of all the beauty surrounding us. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect as the sun went down and Stephanie and Anthony soaked in the final moments of their perfect day.

Stephanie and Anthony, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful adventure wedding and document your special day!

– Sergio

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Photographer: Henry Tieu Photography (Sergio)

Getting-Ready Location: Wellspring Spa

Elopement Dress: Galia Lahav

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