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Bride and groom kiss during mountain elopement at North Cascades National Park

The Couple and Their Decision to Plan an Artist Point Elopement

Hands down, one of the best places to elope in Washington is Artist Point. This area of the North Cascades is easy to access, making it a great place to elope with family and friends, but it also provides stunning views of the North Cascade mountain range. While we didn’t get to see the mountains on the day of Meg and Josh’s elopement, their Artist Point wedding was so moody and different because instead, we experienced a bunch of fog, giving the area a completely different look! But first, Meg and Josh’s love story and how they came to decide on this stunning location for their elopement!

I love hearing couples’ stories of how they met or of their favorite memories together. When I first met with Meg and Josh, the couple shared a story of when they began to realize that they were falling for each other. Josh had spent all of his savings to take Meg to New York to see her favorite band. During the trip, they both started hinting and finding different ways of saying “I love you” without coming out and saying it. One night, Josh hinted, “You’re the only person I see out of all these people.” After a few seconds of silence (and Meg realizing how mortified Josh was), Meg responded, “Do you want to go to Taco Bell?”. It reminded me so much of those new Taco Bell commercials but more than that it’s these moments and stories that allow me to really take a peak into my couples’ lives and learn more about the kind of love they share.

Traveling and exploring new places together has always been a theme of Meg and Josh’s relationship so, for their elopement, they knew right away that they wanted to have their ceremony at a beautiful place they had never been before. They described to me that they wanted the feeling of being on top of the mountains but it was equally important that they could include guests, some of which had mobility issues so it was very important to find a location that could accommodate both. Right away, I knew that the North Cascades would be the perfect place. Not only would it give them the mountains they envisioned, but there are all kinds of trails (Artist Point included) that give incredible views just minutes away from the parking lot.

Groom carrying bride while holding lanterns in the dark

From Getting Ready with Family To Exchanging Vows in the Foggy Mountains, this Is How To Elope at Artist Point North Cascades Adventurously

Meg and Josh’s foggy Artist Point elopement day started out at their Airbnb with each of their families coming along to support them. Meg invited all her sisters and mother to be a part of her getting ready which was a perfect way to spend time together. They also were able to help her with her jitters as she got ready for her special day. A few rooms down, Josh had his brother and his mother help him get ready and the three of them were able to share a few quality moments together before the ceremony.

The couple shared a cute first look at the property of their Airbnb, and after they were finished, we all headed up toward the North Cascades.

When we arrived, there was a thick fog surrounding the whole area which made the day extra moody. We hopped on a trail that took us to a little private area not too far away where the bride and groom exchanged their vows. Their pastor officiated the ceremony which was especially meaningful for Meg and Josh. He was someone that they have known for years and is really an important person in their lives, so it was extra special that he was able to fly out to Washington to marry them in front of their families.

After the ceremony, their guests returned to the Airbnb to prepare dinner while the three of us kept exploring the foggy mountaintop which made for some epic and moody photos.

Meg and Josh, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your elopement. I am so honored to have met you both and captured a small part of your love story!

– Sergio

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