Kortni & Mike

Couple lays on the beach during blue hour in Costa Rica

The Couple and Their Decision to Plan a Costa Rica Adventure Session

This Costa Rica adventure session wasn’t the first time I got to document Kortni and Mike’s love story.

5 years ago, when I barely knew how to work my cameras, these two met me in the rainy weather of Seattle and allowed me the time and space to create. If you want to see this day for yourself, you can check out their Snoqualmie Falls engagement here.

Just 5 years later we got to reunite, but this time it was in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. 

We started the day with some steamy couple photos at their cabin and then as sunset rolled around, we headed to the beach for some blue-hour magic! 

As the sun went down and the blue hour air soothed our skin from the Costa Rica sun, all I could feel was the intense love between these two.

Not only did Kortni and Mike open up their hearts again to let me in and share their stories with me, but they also trusted me and together we got to create some beautiful moments during their Costa Rica adventure session.

Kortni and Mike, thank you for trusting in me to capture your love once again! You mean more to me than you know.

– Henry

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3 Regions to Explore During Your Costa Rica Adventure

Being a tropical country, Costa Rica is one of those places you can visit all year round. The country is divided into three different regions, each with something unique to explore. 

The Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast is where most visitors go when they travel to Costa Rica. There are plenty of beaches to relax on and this side of the coast has some of the best surfing spots. The dry season on the Pacific Coast runs from December to April and rainy season goes from May to November. Temperatures are warm all year round and even in the rainy season you can still experience sunshine at different points throughout the day. 

The Central Valleys & Highlands

The central part of Costa Rica includes the country’s valleys and highlands. These areas tend to be a bit cooler than the coast due to the different elevations, however, if you’re looking to get lost in nature or want to experience tropical forest vibes for your elopement day, this is the area to go! 

The Caribbean Coast

Weather on the eastern coast of Costa Rica tends to be a bit warmer than on the Pacific Coast, however, this is the only part of Costa Rica that doesn’t have a true dry season. The Caribbean Coast experiences more rain and humidity overall, but it’s equally as beautiful and even more lush than some of the other areas in the country. 

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