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This vow renewal elopement in the Dolomites is now featured on Destination I Do along with tips on questions to ask yourself when planning a destination vow renewal.

What is a Vow Renewal Elopement?

Let me paint a picture for you.

You walk this earth and you happen to meet someone. That someone was once a stranger. Then slowly and all at once, they become the one person you bare your soul to, the person you call to share the happiest moments, the person you hug so tightly because that hug can make everything lighter, easier, better.

You learn to love and to be loved. It’s never a destination, it’s a journey. You can’t quite “arrive” because the minute you “arrive” there’s still so much more to your love, to your person.

I think this is why vow renewal is such a beautiful milestone in life. When you first get married, you vow your love to your partner. Then, over the years, you each grow both as individuals and as a couple. You no longer walk this Earth alone but with your best friend. You see life not only from your perspective but your partner’s too.

While vow renewals often look similar to elopements, they are also so much more. A vow renewal isn’t a photoshoot. It’s a place where you can continue to bare your soul to your person. It’s a time set aside for you to fall deeply in love with each other all over again. It’s a moment in life where you get to confess your love and continue to share your vows.

The Couple and Their Decision to Plan an Intimate Vow Renewal in Italy

The beautiful bride in these photos is Shelly. Shelly is a fellow wedding photographer and I actually met her at a photography workshop where I was one of the guest instructors. After the workshop, she and Patrick reached out to inquire about planning their 6-year vow renewal.

We hopped on the phone and talked for what seemed like hours. We all were so excited but none of us knew where we should do this. I did some research and shared a list of locations with the couple. When they finally got back to me my heart was jumping with joy because they had decided on an intimate vow renewal elopement in the Dolomite mountains!

From Waking Up Early To Catch the Morning Light To Hiking in the Dolomite Mountains, this Is How To Plan a Vow Renewal Elopement In Italy

I’m always extra nervous when I photograph a fellow wedding photographer’s day. As photographers, we all have our own styles, and oftentimes it can be hard to be on the other side of the camera. But Shelly and Patrick gave me their all.

We woke up early (2 am to be exact) to catch the magical morning light for Shelly and Patrick’s first look. Because we woke up so early, we had the entire lake to ourselves!

While breathing in the crisp morning air, the couple exchanged private vows on the shore of Lago di Brais. Afterward, we climbed into a couple of boats for some more couple portraits on the water.

Originally, we had planned to hike up into the mountains for sunset portraits, but the weather forecasted some crazy thunderstorms in the evening so we changed the timeline right in the middle of the day and decided to hike up early to avoid being stuck in a thunderstorm in a foreign country.

Rain and Pines created a beautiful picnic for the couple and over charcuterie and champagne, we all soaked in the beautiful mountain views all around us.

Shelly and Patrick, words can’t describe how grateful I am to have met you both. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this adventure and congratulations again!

– Henry

Meet the couple & the best Vow Renewal Elopement Photographer everrrr!!! 🙂😘

Meet The Best Vow Renewal Elopement Vendors:

Photographer: Henry Tieu Photography (aka Henry)

Day-of Coordinator: Rain and Pines

Henry Tieu & Sergio - Elopement Photographers

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