Couple sitting on the cliffs at the Oregon Coast during couple photo session

Anniversary Couple Photo Session on the Oregon Coast

Jessie and Tyler’s couple photo shoot on the Oregon Coast was one of the few couples sessions we took on this year.

Jessie is an incredible photographer and she went to Hey Darling Workshop to learn from me when she was pregnant with her child. And that was where I get to meet Tyler. I got to learn about their story, their life, their growth, and their love.

For Jessie and Tyler’s couple photo session, I met up with the couple at one of my favorite spots on the Oregon Coast (sadly, this location is now closed.) I had been to this location so many times before but this was the first time where the water was low enough for us to explore the shore. It was such an incredible feeling and the sunset that evening was truly incredible to witness. We spent the evening running around the beach and had the best time enjoying each other’s company.

I don’t think my words are enough to capture all the emotions we felt on this day as we listened to the waves crashing into the shore, so here are the words from the couple:

“There are not enough words for how much I love these photos of my husband and I. This trip was something we just really needed for us. We’ve been together for 14 years, married for 8 years, children for 3 years. Life gets busy and all of a sudden you realize that you haven’t done a trip together that was just the two of you, not work related or with children, in years.

Deciding to hire a kickass photographer like Henry Tieu was one of the best ideas I’ve had 🙂

The moments he captured will be something we cherish forever. I can still hear Tyler’s heartbeat and the ocean crashing as we were laying on the bridge. Having that photo to capture that intimate moment is invaluable and I am forever grateful for his art.”

Sergio and I don’t take on a lot of couple or anniversary sessions but the ones we take on, we go all in with our hearts.

Jessie and Tyler, thank you both for such an amazing day! I appreciate you both more than you know and miss you guys so much. I am so honored I get to capture these moments for you guys.

– Henry


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