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From endless beautiful locations to chill vibes on this tropical heaven, Hawaii is the best place to elope on the west coast. Heck. We think Hawaii is the best place to elope in the WORLD.

There are so many islands to visit in Hawaii and they all provide such different sceneries and views that it can be hard to know which one to choose for your elopement. Our favorite island for elopements is 1000% Kauai. You can hike through the tropical forest to a waterfall or to the mountain tops or run wild and free on the beach. Kauai truly has all the best views Hawaii has to offer and we love exploring this beautiful island with our couples.

Bride and groom kiss at mountain overlook in Kauai for their Hawaii adventure elopement

Things to Consider When Planning a Kauai Elopement

One of the things we love about Hawaii elopements is the fact that it is so easy to go from beach to mountains. With just a short drive, you can visit multiple locations on your elopement day getting multiple views and sceneries. Despite how beautiful Kauai is and how easy it is to get around, there are some extra things to consider when planning a Kauai elopement.

Since much of Hawaii is considered sacred land, many of the locations you see online may require a permit to visit or they may even be prohibited altogether. It can be disappointing to see photos online and start to plan your elopement, then later learn that those locations are prohibited or off-limits. That is why it is always best to research the locations ahead of time and request the proper permits and information before planning your elopement.

We understand that when planning a Hawaii elopement, you are looking for beautiful locations to elope. We also know that with all the added rules and restrictions it can feel overwhelming which is why we help all our couples with elopement planning. We use the knowledge that we have gained over the years combined with research to recommend the most beautiful locations for your elopement that are also legal and safe to visit. We also help guide you through the permit process so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed.

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Bride and groom standing at mountain overlook

The Couple and Their Decision to Elope in Kauai, Hawaii

Growing up and now living in Hawaii, Ashley and Jeff love being together in the outdoors enjoying the simplicity of nature. As they started planning their elopement, they knew they wanted to plan a Hawaii adventure elopement for just the two of them and then later hold a reception with their family and friends once travel during COVID became less complicated. They also loved knowing that an elopement isn’t just about the ceremony, but that it is also a day filled with experience and adventure.

Ashley and Jeff immediately decided on Kauai for their elopement since they had vacationed and hiked there in the past and it held a special place in their hearts. They wanted their elopement to be outdoors in a beautiful and secluded area and with so many beautiful Kauai locations to choose from, we knew this location was perfect for their elopement.

Bride and groom dancing on top of a mountain in Kauai, Hawaii

From Hiking up the Mountain To Reading Love Letters, this Is How To Elope In Kauai, Hawaii Adventurously

Ashley and Jeff’s elopement day started out at the couple’s Airbnb. They got ready separately before coming together for the sweetest first look. Afterward, we all piled into the cars to head to the ceremony spot. We hiked up the mountain where Ashley and Jeff exchanged their vows with their friend Tiff and some nenes as witnesses. (Fun fact, Tiff was one of my 2020 brides and she introduced me to the couple. It was so fun to reunite for their elopement!) It took forever to get a permit for the ceremony spot but the views were so so worth it!

After the ceremony and a picnic lunch, we went on another sunset adventure hike for more photos. We ended the day with Ashley and Jeff reading letters to each other and popping champagne.

Ashley and Jeff, your day was beyond stunning and I am so so so honored to be a part of your story.

– Henry

Henry made the PROCESS of eloping, not just the day of a memorable and intentional experience.

It’s hard to condense our elopement experience with Henry into a few words… It was the best decision we’ve made. We don’t have to say that Henry takes breathtaking photos – you just have to look at his work! But what we want to share is that Henry is such an amazing and caring person to work with. Henry made the PROCESS of eloping, not just the day of a memorable and intentional experience. Henry kept continual contact with us to update us on trails he was considering, permits he obtained, or answering questions on things to prepare. He shared so much excitement for our day that goes above and beyond what we ever expected of a photographer/client relationship. On the day of our elopement, Henry already felt like a friend when he arrived at our Airbnb. We quickly became comfortable being photographed by him. As we hiked into our ceremony location, we chatted, shared stories, and joked. What we love most about the day is that it did not feel uncomfortable at all; in fact, it felt so natural because we got to do all the things we love doing (hiking, laughing with friends, picnicking) where we so happened to be wearing all our wedding attire and ending up at a gorgeous lookout to say our vows. We love that the whole day was memorialized by Henry, and Henry also added to the memories of our day. We’ll always remember the little conversations on the hike and the encouragements shouted by Henry as he took our photos. Henry truly wants to create the best experience for his couples. One thing that really stand outs was when, just a couple weeks prior, our original hike could not get permitted, Henry quickly turned around a new timeline for an entirely different hike that fit us so well. What we didn’t realize until we talked with him on the day of our elopement was that he also had multiple backup plans. He explored the canyon days before our elopement to find a location we could easily hike to if it rained. He also rented a jeep in case it was too foggy, so we could also get photos with the jeep. The care put into these details really touched us because Henry really cared to make sure that however they day went it would be special for us. ALSO, obviously the photos! Henry shared “sneaks” with us the next day!! What’s cool to think about is that we experienced our elopement in a certain way and will forever cherish those memories, and we will also be able to see how Henry captured our day and somehow turned our memories into art. Thank you, Henry!
Ashley & Jeff
Kauai adventure elopement

Meet the couple & the best Kauai Elopement Photographer everrrr!!! 🙂😘

eloping couple and their elopement photographer henry tieu in kauai

Meet The Best Kauai Elopement Vendors:

Photographer: Henry Tieu Photography (aka Henry)

Henry Tieu & Sergio - Elopement Photographers

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