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LGBT couple got married in front of mountain and lake in pacific Northwest Seattle Washington gold creek pond

Gold Creek Pond Elopement: The Sweetest Couple & The Best Mountain Location To Elope

They cried, I cried, We watched the most beautiful sunset Washington had to offer and drank champagne till dark. This intimate mountain and lake elopement holds a special place in their hearts and also in mine.

On the day of their elopement, I met up with the beautiful couple for some Thai food. We talked for so long the waiters kept rounding on us and gave us looks like “Hey guys, get the heck out” haha.

I was also a bit exhausted. I just got back from Hawaii that morning. I had probably about 4 hours of sleep but I was so ready because I was just so excited to celebrate these guys.

We then drove together to Gold Creek Pond by Snoqualmie Pass.

I must admit, this location has been quite popular with the Seattle Wedding Photographers so I was crossing my fingers that no one would be there that day. And so my wish came true. This is the thing about elopements, we get to pick the best day to go and nothing beats a random summer Monday evening.

Before I continue on, I just want to brag. These handsome gentlemen have been featured everywhere 🙂

Two grooms jumping in the air at Gold Creek Pond (overlaid with Junebug Weddings 2018 feature logo)

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Gay couple after wedding day in the Pacific Northwest at Gold Creek Pond

Although I’ve been doing more elopements than ever this year, every elopement is so different.

DT reached out to me and we planned on their elopement in less than a month.

DT is a friend of mine since I was in middle school. He has always been like a brother for me. I remember high school years when I was so shy I could not friends, he always called to check in and just to tell me how “It’ll get better in college”.

We got separated when he moved to Denmark a couple of years ago. We got busy. We have our own goals in life to accomplish. We see each other’s Facebook posts here and there but we never really get a chance to truly truly talk.

So about a month prior to this elopement, DT called me and we spilled our hearts out to each other. For the first time ever, he showed me photos of OT. She showed all their adventures together. He told me stories of how they came out, how they met, and how they have to work so hard to be together.

When we hung up, I just sat there for awhile and just felt so happy for my friend. It’s hard to explain. Just knowing that he has found someone who loves him so damn much and that they are so happy makes me so happy.

DT flew in from Vietnam and OT flew in from Norway to elope here in Washington. Their elopement was short and sweet but did not lack love and all the emotions. As a member of the LGBT community, I relate so much to their lives and their stories. After their elopement, we just sat there and watched the sunset together. We talked about life and about their future.

I wish I could tell you more of their stories. I wish I could share with you my feelings and my heartache when he told me how they had to be away from each other for a while. I wish I could write down here why their love story and elopement hold such a special place in my heart.

But truly I can’t. It is not my place to tell their stories. It is not my place to share with you everything they shared with me. Instead, I can only tell you their stories via photographs.

I hope that throughout this blog post, you get to see their love story, you get to see the little moments that mean the world to them, you get to see how fucking beautiful they look together.

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The Best Gold Creek Pond Elopement Vendors in Washington State:

Elopement Photographer: Henry Tieu Photography

Event Planner: Viet Dinh – Rain and Pines

Officiant: Erika Hernandez – The Greatest Adventure Weddings

And proudly featured on Junebug Weddings

Henry Tieu & Sergio - Elopement Photographers

Meet Your Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photographers

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