Intimate Photo Session Snoqualmie Pass and Rattlesnake Lake

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Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite

I met Kiersten and Emily over Snoqualmie Pass a couple of months ago for an intimate couple session of them and their fur baby Kendall.

I was just there at Gold Creek Pond Lake 2 weeks prior for a family session and the view was epic. Right at the lake, the view of pine trees and mountains are so symmetrical it seems unreal. How the heck did I score to live in such a heavenly place.

So yeah, thinking that it was going to be the same, we showed up to the same location and were completely in shock because this place was now covered  in snow. Not just covered, it was so high up we kept sinking into snow while taking photos.

We all hiked for about 10 mins and we decided to just start taking photos. It was a beautiful Sunday so people were out there snowshoeing around. Except us, we dressed like it was still the Fall and we boots and high heels. We just did not care. We did our thing and had hella fun. 

I admire and have so much respect for Kiersten and Emily. As a member of the LGBT community, I know how hard it is to have your photos taken in public. I remember when my husband and I did our engagement photos, I was so nervous although we were in the woods and did not have that many people around. My heart was racing and I felt so uncomfortable because I did not know how people would feel or react.

I admire how Kiersten and Emily pushed through and did their best because they know that it doesn't matter what people think of them, this is their moment to have the best photos of themselves to hang in their house and to celebrate love

I learned later that this was their first time ever being so intimate in public, which made me 1,000% time happier because they did it for me, for themselves, and for love.

Saying "Love is Love" is easy, doing it in real life is harder. Clients like Kiersten and Emily truly inspire me greatly to show and to capture love the way it is: raw, vulnerable, and honest. 

After about an hour there, we had to quickly change location. The snow was getting heavier and I we could not go any further so we I've decided to head back to Rattlesnake Lake. Yes I know that I have so many sessions there and if you ask I will be bluntly honest: I am over that spot. Yes it is a beautiful place but it is so crowded and oversaturated that I don't feel like I am giving my clients the best experience when we go there. However, this place is always my plan B. And today was a perfect situation for this plan B. 

Kiersten and Emily, if you're reading this, just know that I love you guys more than I could ever admit in person. I love hearing your stories, how you met, and how you have to overcome all the obstacles in life in order to be together. I am glad you guys are not just my clients, but also my friends. Thanks for inviting me to the Grilled Cheese event and I can't wait to do more adventures around the PNW with you guys. 


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