5 Things You Should Do Right Now to Get More Views and More Clients on Pinterest | Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses and Wedding Photographers

Don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket. Many of you know that in the beginning, I got almost all inquiries and bookings from Instagram. But what if Instagram goes down or changes its algorithm? Well, they do here and there. So spread those eggs out and invest in more places than just Instagram.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering free education and resources for you so you can work on your website, Pinterest, Instagram, SEO, workflow whatever you need to know for your business.

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5 Pinterest Tips To Get More Clients For Elopement & Wedding Photographers

1) Upgrade to business profile

2) Create and name your Pinterest boards

3) Use Rich Pins and Use key terms

4) Optimize your website for Pinterest

5) Stand out by cropping your photos and using GIF

1) Upgrade To Business Profile + Update your Name

When you first sing up for Pinterest, your account is defaulted to a personal profile. By changing to Business, you get all kind of analytics to see which pin is doing well, what kind of traffic you get, who goes to your website, and the best of all, you can claim your website so you are more credible to Pinterest. Best of all, this is free and won’t cost you a thing

How to Upgrade to a Business Profile: Click on Edit Settings —> Account Settings —> Under Account Changes, Click on Convert Account. Make sure you add YOUR WEBSITE URL 🙂

Why should we care about update Pinterest Name?

Pinterst Username in a way is like Instagram Name.

If you want to learn more about Tips and Tricks on Instagram for Wedding Photographers, visit my Youtube

If you add more information than just your name, potential clients can see your profile easier and faster. For example, mine is “Henry Tieu | Washington & Destination Wedding and Elopement” so when clients who don’t know me and search for “Washington Elopement” they will see my profile. What you can do is think of what clients want to search for, change your name accordingly

pinterest tips and tricks

2) Create and Name Your Pinterest Boards

Name your Pinterest boards is important. When naming add things like “best places to…”, “best dresses for…”, “location” + “inspiration”.

When people search for a certain things on Google, Pinterest boards also show when naming right so if you don’t know what to name, take a look around Pinterest accounts for Wedding Blogs and Magazines. For example, check out Junebug Weddings Pinterest Page

Don’t copy the exact same things they do since you want to stand out. You want to look for inspiration and come up with your own terms. If you copy exactly how others named their boards, yours might not show up under search since others have been working harder and longer on their own boards for a while now.

3) Use Rich Pins and Use key terms

rich pins for pinterest tips

The image above is an example of a Rich Pin. You get Title and Description instead of a normal Pin is only a description.

So now what? What should you type in these fields?

Under Title: Use a short and precise sentence on what this is about

Under Description: Type a bit more about what’s inside this Pin. Say it like you’re telling a story.

Under Website: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS add your website in there.

4) Optimize your website for Pinterest

When people somehow find you and visit your blog posts, they should be able to hover over photos in those blog post and Pin to their Pinterest Boards quick and easy.

These people could be potential couples who are looking to book a photographer or they could be writers for online blogs and magazines. Whoever they are, the more people Pin your photos, the more exposure you get.

If you are on Squarespace like myself, this is what you can do:

In the Home Menu, click Marketing, then click Pinterest Save Buttons.

From the drop-down menu, select where the Save button will appear on your site:

  • Select Enabled for Blogs to add the buttons to Image Blocks and Gallery Blocks in blog posts only. The buttons won’t appear on thumbnail images.
  • Select Enabled for Blogs, Pages and Products to add the buttons to Image Blocks, Gallery Blocks, and Product Page images.

More info on Pinterest and Squarespace can be found HERE

If you are on WordPress or other hosting site, please do a quick google search, there are tons of resources on how to do this out there.

5. Stand Out By Cropping Your Photos and Using GIF

As everyone is on mobile, a VERTICAL photo would do way way way better than a HORIZONTAL photo as it will take more screen space. If you just go on Pinterest and just scroll around, you’ll see how your eyes will automatically look at those vertical images more.

So CROP CROP CROP before you upload anything to Pinterest.

If you have a couple photos that you cannot crop because it will look so different and leave out details you care for, what I recommend is to make a collage of 3 or 4 photos together so it will become a VERTICAL photo of multiple photos. Personally, I use the App Unfold on my phone to do this

Now, are you ready to stand out even more?

As you see, photos are everywhere, but not videos. As Pinterest started supporting videos, we will need to jump on that to catch people’s attention even more. As wedding photographers, you can create make GIFs and upload them onto your Pinterest.

Not only GIFs allow the viewers to feel like they are right there with whatever is in the photo and thus evoke an emotional response to your art, GIFs can make a boring locations into something a bit more exciting.

To create GIFs, you can purchase my latest E-Learning on “Make The Perfect Animation GIFs” guide

Make The Perfect Animation GIF Guide

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