turning your love story into


visual masterpiece that echoes through time

DESTINATION elopement photographeRS

turning your love story into


visual masterpiece that echoes through time

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Henry Tieu & Sergio - Elopement Photographers
Henry Tieu and eloping clients on glacier with helicopter

We’re one of the original elopement photographers before elopements became popular. Since 2018, we’ve helped over 200 couples elope all over the world.

Although our main duty is capturing you and your love in the most breath-taking landscapes, we are more than just photographers. We help couples craft an intentional experience that allows honest emotions to reveal themselves because everyone deserve to truly and fully immerse themselves into the day that commemorates the beginning of something new, magical, and worth every second living for.

Sergio from Henry Tieu Photography photographing wedding couple at sunset

World’s Best Wedding Photography 2019 – 2022 | Judge of World’s Best Wedding Photos 2023 Rangefinder Magazine’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography | Looks Like Film’s Artist Of The Year | World’s Best Wedding Photography 2019 – 2022 | Judge of World’s Best Wedding Photos 2023 Rangefinder Magazine’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography | Looks Like Film’s Artist Of The Year |


Adventurous DESTINATION Elopement – Epic Love Deserves An Epic Location

We photograph love the way love naturally occurs: organically and tenderly. On your elopement day, you should be able to forget the world and just be with the one(s) who matters the most

destination elopement in iceland
Elopement photos with two brides on the Isle of Skye Scotland
Married couple at their destination elopement in Patagonia
bride and groom in the dolomites, italy


Bride and groom eloping on a cliff looking over the ocean in Southern Oregon Coast

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death valley national park desert elopement

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bride and groom eloped in the lush green Kauai

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DESTINATION Wedding & Elopement Stories

Sunrise Elopement in Banff National Park

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A photographer can make or break that day, especially if you’re travelling with them to another country and if there are a lot of variables and expectations. Henry was a big part of making that day wonderful

Henry helped us feel so comfortable during our wedding day. We were jittery and nervous, but he gave us tips to help us relax and interact naturally in front of the camera. He really brought a great creative energy to the day where it felt like nothing could go wrong because he could make amazing images from any situation. We really loved our experience with him.




a-frame cabin mt rainier elopement in the pacific northwest

1) Anyone can elope but elopement is not for everyone. You don’t want to regret your wedding day. Read these 6 things to consider before eloping

2) Plan early in order to guarantee a wedding permit for destination elopements in the U.S and enough time for visas (if applicable) for International locations.


We were not sure exactly where we wanted to elope. Henry provided us with multiple location recommendations based on our vision

We found Henry through social media. We had an amazing experience from start to finish. We first met via FaceTime. At that point we were not sure exactly where we wanted to elope. Henry provided us with multiple location recommendations based on our vision. When we finally decided on the location he created the two different timelines for the day. We were in contact regularly either through email, text, and FaceTime. Whenever we had any questions or decided on something different we could always reach him. By the time we finally met in person, it was like reuniting with a friend rather than meeting your photographer for the first time. On our wedding day he made us feel completely comfortable and relaxed. We loved sharing stories with each other as we hiked to our destination. Henry was flexible and made us feel at ease even when our location was still up in the air due to current weather conditions. Henry is a kind, creative soul and we’re so glad we found him. We hope to keep in touch with him!

valerie & jeffrey | eloped in the italian dolomites

destination mountain elopement in italian alps



Your Elopement Day Is Your Wedding Day

And You Deserve An Experience That is Honest, Meaningful, and Memorable

more answers to your


We operate fully on transparency and empowerment. We believe that YOUR elopement day is YOUR wedding day and this day will forever be a part of you and your legacy. It signifies the beginning of your next chapter and hold significant meanings to every aspect of your life.

Therefore, you deserve a photographer whom you can truly connect with as they are the one who’s in charge of fleeting moments and memories of your day

We hope we can be your Destination Elopement Photographers but We STRONGLY believe that you should look around for options, view each photographer’s portfolio, read their reviews, and talk with them in order to really have a clear picture of how they work and how they can help you. Each photographer’s approach to wedding photography is like their DNA, it’s an extension of who they are

For us, we focus on an INTENTIONAL EXPERIENCE & ARTFUL PHOTOGRAPHS. In order to do so, we do more than just photography. We’ll be there with with you every step of the way to help you though this journey

We also believe in the power of your story, what makes you unique, and what you value rather than how you look or how your photos should look because of trends.

To learn more about what it’s like to work with us, view our Elopement Experience.

When you should elope truly depends on the weather and the landscapes of where you’d like to visit. Northern hemisphere locations like the U.S, Canada, and European countries, we recommend June until mid October for the best weather. Counties like Norway and Iceland are located more North and therefore will either have 24 hours of daylight or total darkness depending on the month. Personally, we love the long golden hours in these countries so we often advise couples to elope during May – July.

Southern hemisphere locations such as Patagonia or New Zealand have opposite weather patterns from the Northern hemisphere countries. Therefore, we’d recommend November – April.

Majority of Asian countries are most beautiful around spring time.

Keep in mind that no matter where you end up eloping, weather can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to have a backup plan and be prepared. And of course we’ll be there every step of the way to help you plan for the unexpected and unknowns

One hundred percent. Elopement isn’t just about running away or keeping it all a secret. It should be an experience where you can enjoy the whole day with whomever you would like to be there. Therefore, for us, we consider elopements and intimate weddings the same.

Although we don’t limit the amount of guests you should have, some National Parks, State Parks, BLM Lands place limits on the guest size to protect trails and native plants.

We’ve noticed that a guest list of about 30 or so can still ensure a low-stress experience. If you are interested in having more than 30 guests, we can always chat to figure out a location and a plan to give you the best experience and photos.

You can elope without photography for as low as $70 (marriage license cost) or up to $33,900+ (with vendors, locations, etc…). How much your elopement will cost depends on what what you want to experience and your guest size. At a minimum, you’ll need wedding attires and a photographer.

We have an entire blog post on how much does it cost to elope that also includes a handy elopement calculator.

Our USA elopement packages start at $7,900 and International elopement packages starts at $8,900. To learn more about everything that’s included in our services and how we can help, please visit our Pricing Page.

Each State and Country has different requirements. In some States, you can self-solemnize whereas some other States you might need an officiant and up to 2 witnesses. For International elopements, you can choose to have your legal paperwork done where you get married or you can choose to get legal paperwork done in your home State first and travel for your elopement.

For us, Sergio and Henry (your elopement photographers here 🥰), we each got married to our respective partner and we all signed our paperwork on a different date from our elopement date.

We will be there every step of the way to help you with important deadlines to make sure your elopement experience not only legal but also magical.

Most of our elopements average between 6-10 hours but how many hours you need will depend on how many locations you want to experience, how many guests you would like to have, and what activities you would like to experience for your elopement day.

A half-day elopement is around 6 – 8 hrs. Couples interested in both sunrise and sunset or multiple locations book a full day (10+ hrs.) Couples who want both a wedding experience where they spend the whole day with guests and also an elopement experience where they can spend private time together on a separate day book us for 2 days.

See our elopement packages for additional information and if you have any additional questions or are ready to book, send us a message and let’s get started!

Adventure elopements for us aren’t always about hiking. We believe that YOU DON’T NEED TO HIKE TO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL ELOPEMENT DAY

If hiking is what you enjoy, we’ll be ready with our hiking boots and some snacks to share. However, if it’s not something you love, we can certainly help find easy access locations for you and your family.

If you’re looking to hike, we recommend no more than 2-3 miles each way since hiking for an elopement experience is different from hiking for fun as you’ll be carrying gears and outfits you’d typically not have.

  1. Once you’ve decided that eloping is for you, reach out to us on our contact page.
  2. We’ll get on a call to get to know each other and for us to share with you more knowledge, details, tips and resources.
  3. Once we figure out the best date for the best weather at your dream location, we’ll prepare a contract in order to reserve that date right away.
  4. After that, we go into planning mode together to make sure this experience is personalized and customized to your vision and your needs.

Trust us, it is as easy as it sounds 🙂


Love Letters from Our Happy Couples

couple eloped in patagonia, torres del paine

pamela & patrick

eloped in patagonia

Henry was the first photographer we met with when we were planning for our elopement. In a 30-minute conversation, he made us feel confident and secure in his skillset. He knew how to talk to couples who were still quite uncertain about navigating elopement and made us feel understood. In a way, throughout this process, he’s more than your elopement photographer.

We booked him a year ahead and he made sure we had check-in points as the date came close, or as the details of the elopement came to clarity. He helped us tease out the best area to elope and how to go about the day efficiently but also prioritizing rest and actually having fun!

We eloped in Patagonia in January 2024. Henry was there a few days before we arrived and scouted the whole park for nooks and crannies that would be incredible sites for photography without the crowd! He looked at the weather and wind forecast daily and planned accordingly to that. He scouted the park at sunrise, he went there at sunset. I mean, he was already hard at work even before the elopement day. We had plans B to Z, if any unanticipated factor arose. He was very flexible and seamlessly worked through every hiccup.

Our elopement day felt like Henry was in work mode from dawn to dusk, with no dull moment, no moment of panic when things didn’t go as planned. We had a plan, and we had a plan after that. Whew! We were so impressed with his hard work, commitment, and creativity! He woke up early and he stayed up late with us, no wasted minute, if not more. His work ethic is exceptional! We had sneaks a few days after, and the photos are of course, incredible! We loved working with Henry and if we could elope again, he would always be our guy!

BRITTANY & chris


We are so thankful that we chose to work with Henry for our elopement. Choosing the right photographer was a major priority for us. Since we opted for a private ceremony we knew these photos would be the only things we would take with us from the day and our only way to share the day with others.

We didn’t just want wedding photos of our smiling faces, we wanted art we could display proudly on our walls and we wanted photos that told the true story of the day. While Henry was at the top of our list based off of his portfolio and reviews alone, we challenged that by meeting with several photographers. Let’s just say we were 100% confident in our choice, coming back to secure Henry for our day. He is incredibly professional, kind, and ethical with his business. We unfortunately found this to not always be a case with others.

Ultimately, we really valued Henry’s experience, skill, and reliability he brought to our wedding day. Henry really shined when we made it to our elopement destination. He was very flexible and kind when we wanted to move to an alternative location for the afternoon. On our wedding day, we were both extremely nervous. Henry made us feel immediately at ease, helping us to laugh and guide us through our entire day.

Being a person who is often “in charge,” it felt nice to take a backseat and just enjoy the day. We received our sneaks literally the next day. “Sneaks” is an understatement and our expectations were exceeded when we first saw our photos. The final album was truly breathtaking and I really cannot believe the photos that proudly display the walls of our home today. In summary, we are so very happy we chose Henry to capture our day.

bride and groom in the amalfi coast, italy



Working with Henry for our destination vow renewal was an absolute game-changer. Reflecting back on our experience, we found ourselves facing the common challenges that come with planning such a significant event. We were in need of reliable information, assistance, and of course a photographer who could not only capture the day but enhance it.

Henry became our guiding light. From the very beginning, he offered more than just his photographic expertise. His proactive approach addressed our challenges head-on. Whether it was finding the right information on booking different things while there, providing resources for the location we desired, or being a steady guide checking in throughout the planning process, Henry proved to be an invaluable asset.

When it came to our day, his presence was transformative. His ability to seamlessly blend into the background while capturing the most intimate moments allowed us to relive our celebration through his lens. His meticulous attention to detail ensured that every emotion, every smile, and every subtle nuance was immortalized in the photographs.

Henry’s assistance wasn’t confined to the day itself; he was there every step of the way, from the initial booking to helping us choose little details and the delivery of our photos. It’s not just about the quantity of his assistance but the quality, which was consistently outstanding. WE HAD SNEAK PEEKS SO QUICK!

The photos themselves are a testament to Henry’s skill and artistry. Each image tells a story, capturing not just the visual aspects but the emotions and essence of the moment. The quality of his work surpassed our expectations, leaving us with a collection of images that we will cherish for a lifetime.

To those on the fence about working with Henry, we say this: don’t hesitate.

He goes beyond being a photographer; he becomes a trusted partner in your journey. His passion for his craft and commitment to making your moments extraordinary shine through in every interaction.

Our advice to anyone considering his services? Embrace the experience wholeheartedly. Trust in Henry’s expertise, and you’ll not only gain remarkable photos but a seamless and enjoyable journey from start to finish. Working with Henry isn’t just hiring a photographer; it’s gaining a creative collaborator who genuinely cares about making your moments unforgettable.