CALIFORNIA elopement photographeRS

turning your love story into


visual masterpiece that echoes through time

CALIFORNIA elopement photographeRS

turning your love story into


visual masterpiece that echoes through time

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Henry Tieu & Sergio - Elopement Photographers
couple eloped at Yosemite kissed Henry Tieu, their elopement photographer

We’re one of the original elopement photographers before elopements became popular. Since 2018, we’ve helped over 200 couples elope all over California and across the world.

Although our main duty is capturing you and your love in the most breath-taking landscapes, we are more than just photographers. We help couples craft an intentional experience that allows honest emotions to reveal themselves because everyone deserve to truly and fully immerse themselves into the day that commemorates the beginning of something new, magical, and worth every second living for.

Sergio from Henry Tieu Photography photographing wedding couple at sunset

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WHY ELOPE IN california?

Adventurous CALIFORNIA Elopement – Epic Love Deserves An Epic Location

We photograph love the way love naturally occurs: organically and tenderly. On your elopement day, you should be able to forget the world and just be with the one(s) who matters the most

Same sex couple eloped in Big Sur on a cliff with rugged rocks
Death Valley Elopement with milky way and stars
death valley national park desert elopement
Fall color in Yosemite as couple eloped in California


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death valley national park desert elopement

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To him, it’s more than just a business transaction. We felt like we gained a lifetime friend!

To say that Henry is an amazing photographer is quite the understatement. Henry is the best, truly. Aside from saying yes to marrying my husband (lol), asking Henry to photograph our elopement was the next best decision I ever made. Our ceremony took place in Yosemite National Park. He did all the research and laid out the logistics such as timing/locations for us. In other words, he did all the heavy lifting to make sure that everything went smoothly on our day. Not only is Henry super friendly and professional, he also makes you feel so comfortable. After spending the day with him, my husband and I seriously felt as if we had known him for 10+ years. This is so important because we felt completely open and comfortable with him the whole day. When you’re able to get on that level with your wedding photographer, it makes a huge difference. Not to mention, you can just tell that Henry is truly passionate about his work. Not only that, he also cares about his clients. To him, it’s more than just a business transaction. We felt like we gained a lifetime friend!

Speaking of photos. I mean, are you kidding me? He might actually be a wizard. The photos are just unreal. I have said this so many times, but I’ll say it again, Henry is the best!

julie & calvin | eloped in at yosemite national park

married couple eloping at yosemite and henry tieu photography



1) Anyone can elope but elopement is not for everyone. You don’t want to regret your wedding day. Read these 6 things to consider before eloping

2) Plan early in order to guarantee a wedding permit (applicable for all National Parks in California and many National Forests in the area)


Even though we were behind schedule (which is normal) he never rushed us and he really made sure we were enjoying ourselves and savoring every moment.

When I got engaged the most exciting part of planning was choosing a photographer. The minute I came across Henry’s work, I knew that I wanted him to capture our big day not just because his work is absolutely breathtaking, but because he works with and highlights ALL love stories and equally showcases them on his page. Getting to work with and meet him was so surreal. What I loved most about working with him was how calm he was. Even though we were behind schedule (which is normal) he never rushed us and he really made sure we were enjoying ourselves and savoring every moment. Afterwards, he was QUICK to deliver a LARGE amount of sneak peeks and we have never gasped so hard. His work perfectly captured how we were feeling on the best day of our lives. I am so happy we invested in his work. If I could do it all over again, I would 100% choose Henry.


big sur elopement with dramatic cliff coastal view



Your Elopement Day Is Your Wedding Day

And You Deserve An Experience That is Honest, Meaningful, and Memorable

more answers to your


We operate fully on transparency and empowerment. We believe that YOUR elopement day is YOUR wedding day and this day will forever be a part of you and your legacy. It signifies the beginning of your next chapter and hold significant meanings to every aspect of your life.

Therefore, you deserve a photographer whom you can truly connect with as they are the one who’s in charge of fleeting moments and memories of your day

We hope we can be your California Elopement Photographers but We STRONGLY believe that you should look around for options, view each photographer’s portfolio, read their reviews, and talk with them in order to really have a clear picture of how they work and how they can help you. Each photographer’s approach to wedding photography is like their DNA, it’s an extension of who they are

For us, we focus on an INTENTIONAL EXPERIENCE & ARTFUL PHOTOGRAPHS. In order to do so, we do more than just photography. We’ll be there with with you every step of the way to help you though this journey

We also believe in the power of your story, what makes you unique, and what you value rather than how you look or how your photos should look because of trends.

To learn more about what it’s like to work with us, view our Elopement Experience.

California holds a special place in our hearts, offering lots of options for your dream elopement. With its diverse landscapes and temperate climate, you can elope anytime (we have to bear in in mind the exact locations of course)

While places like Lake Tahoe and Joshua Tree National Park are accessible year round, higher elevations like Yosemite may experience snow in the winter months and therefore will have road closures, making June to mid-October (sometimes, even early November) ideal for optimal weather. With Yosemite specifically, the park is one of the busiest National Parks so they often have rules on entry permit. Don’t let that worry you, we’ll be there to help you navigate all the requirements

For a beach elopement such as Big Sur, you can elope anytime; however, November – April often get moodier with fog (we personally love it but we just want to make sure you’re aware)

Just like elopements anywhere in nature, keep in mind that California’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to have a backup plan and be prepared for any surprises. And of course we’ll be there every step of the way to help you plan for the unexpected and unknowns

One hundred percent. Elopement isn’t just about running away or keeping it all a secret. It should be an experience where you can enjoy the whole day with whomever you would like to be there. Therefore, for us, we consider elopements and intimate weddings the same.

Although we don’t limit the amount of guests you should have, some National Parks, State Parks, BLM Lands place limits on the guest size to protect trails and native plants.

We’ve noticed that a guest list of about 30 or so can still ensure a low-stress experience. If you are interested in having more than 30 guests, we can always chat to figure out a location and a plan to give you the best experience and photos.

You can elope without photography for as low as $60 (marriage license cost) or up to $33,900+ (with vendors, locations, etc…). How much your elopement will cost depends on what what you want to experience and your guest size. At a minimum, you’ll need wedding attires and a photographer.

We have an entire blog post on how much does it cost to elope that also includes a handy elopement calculator.

Our California elopement packages start at $6,900. To learn more about everything that’s included in our services and how we can help, please visit our Pricing Page.

You can apply for your marriage license online 90 days before your elopement date. California requires an ordained officiant and 1 witness (unlike many other States that often require 2 witnesses). We will be there every step of the way to help you with important deadlines to make sure your elopement experience not only legal but also magical. For a full guide on how to elope in California, read our guide here.

Most of our elopements average between 6-10 hours but how many hours you need will depend on how many locations you want to experience, how many guests you would like to have, and what activities you would like to experience for your elopement day.

A half-day elopement is around 6 – 8 hrs. Couples interested in both sunrise and sunset or multiple locations book a full day (10+ hrs.) Couples who want both a wedding experience where they spend the whole day with guests and also an elopement experience where they can spend private time together on a separate day book us for 2 days.

See our elopement packages for additional information and if you have any additional questions or are ready to book, send us a message and let’s get started!

Adventure elopements for us aren’t always about hiking. We believe that YOU DON’T NEED TO HIKE TO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL ELOPEMENT DAY

If hiking is what you enjoy, we’ll be ready with our hiking boots and some snacks to share. However, if it’s not something you love, we can certainly help find easy access locations for you and your family.

Mountain elopements can range from minimal walk and up to 6 miles total (for example, Glacier Point at Yosemite is just a short walk whereas Taft Point is around 2.5 miles total). Desert elopements at Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley will require a bit of walking on rocks and sand; therefore, although the hikes will be short, it’s important to make sure we have enough water, sunscreen, and other items to ensure safety from the heat and sun. We’ll be there with resources and packing list to make sure you are prepared.

If you’re looking to hike, we recommend no more than 2-3 miles each way since hiking for an elopement experience is different from hiking for fun as you’ll be carrying gears and outfits you’d typically not have.

  1. Once you’ve decided that eloping is for you, reach out to us on our contact page.
  2. We’ll get on a call to get to know each other and for us to share with you more knowledge, details, tips and resources.
  3. Once we figure out the best date for the best weather at your dream location, we’ll prepare a contract in order to reserve that date right away.
  4. After that, we go into planning mode together to make sure this experience is personalized and customized to your vision and your needs.

Trust us, it is as easy as it sounds 🙂


Love Letters from Our Happy Couples

creative artful wedding photo at yosemite national park



If you’re looking for someone to photograph your elopement, look no further, you’ve found it. I can confidently say you can rest easy knowing you chose Henry Tieu Photography. My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Sergio for our Yosemite elopement this past week. From the moment we got on our initial FaceTime meeting with Sergio, we felt at ease. He did a fantastic job learning about us as a couple, rather than just treating us like a business transaction. The whole process was absolutely seamless from start to finish.

Although we live in California we were saving the beauty of Yosemite NP for our wedding day. Sergio was SO extremely helpful with providing us lists of housing, hair vendors, makeup vendors, food vendors, you name it. We found out a few months prior that our chosen ceremony location couldn’t accommodate our guest list. Sergio was so quick to send us other options. Which in turn worked out better than our original plan ❤️ about a month out he had a whole timeline written out for our wedding day. I can’t stress how much of a relief this was. Not to mention the stress it took off of us, knowing exactly what our day would look like from start to finish. It makes it much easier to coordinate a timeline for your friends & family if they are joining.

The day of flew by like a flash. We went from camera shy to identifying as models ✨😂 Sergio felt like so much more than just a photographer. He was a friend. We felt so incredibly comfortable working with him. For people who are virtually never in front of the camera (zero social media) I couldn’t help but feel we looked the same in every photo. I’ll go ahead and be the first to tell you, IGNORE THIS FEELING. We got our sneak peeks a few days back, and when I tell you I was absolutely floored. The photos are beyond incredible. GORGEOUS. Something you would see on the cover of a magazine. I don’t think I’ve looked away since we opened the email. We could not be more thankful that we chose Sergio to capture our wedding day. We truly owe this man our life. So again, THANK YOU SERGIO! The photos speak for themselves! You fricken kiddin’ me 😍

double exposure elopement photography in big sur

KATIE & erik


Henry was absolutely amazing – we truly loved having him as part of our wedding day! From day one, he went above and beyond and made the entire process not only seamless, but special and an experience unto itself. If you’re thinking of hiring him, do it! It was the best decision we made.

After putting our wedding on hold multiple times due to COVID-19, we decided to have a micro wedding but didn’t know where to start so we reached out to Henry. We had been following him on instagram for awhile and connected with the way he was able to capture how moments felt, rather than just taking pretty/posed scenery shots.

After connecting via Facetime, we knew he was it! He was humble, kind and clearly very, very talented. From the moment we booked, he took care of everything! We shared our vision for the day and he (plus Viet of Rain and Pines) did the rest – he scouted our location, created the timeline, checked in with us regularly via text, etc. And then on the wedding day itself, he was phenomenal! Kind, professional, funny, relaxed – he put everyone at ease and it, honestly, felt like we were just hanging out with a friend.

And his photos – wow. I still can’t believe they are ours! Also, did I mention that he sent us a framed photo as a wedding gift with a card thanking us? If anyone deserves to be thanked, it’s Henry!

So thank you, Henry!! We love you!

double exposure creative elopement photos in california

cindy & daniel


MAGICAL. That’s the word that best describes our elopement and our experience with Sergio. We came all the way to Yosemite from Florida to have an intimate ceremony in the most epic place we could think of and we also chose the most epic photographer! He is the nicest guy and truly an artist.

We were a little nervous about the whole thing, especially not being super comfortable in front of the camera but he made us feel so comfortable and made sure our photo shoot flowed really well.

Sergio was very helpful throughout the whole process and recommended our officiant Donny, who was also amazing.

Thank you for hiking back in the darkness with us Sergio! Lol

We have only gotten our sneaks so far and they are absolutely incredible. Can’t wait to see the entire gallery.
Could not recommend Henry and Sergio enough!!!
If we could give more than 5 stars, we would.