Whistler Helicopter Elopement | A Sea to Sky Adventure Wedding | Minda and Kadin


Family popping champagne to celebrate marriage on Whistler Mountain in British Columbia Canada from Blackcomb Helicopter

Minda and Kadin proved that the size of your wedding doesn’t matter when it comes to celebrating the beginning of an epic marriage.

I am so excited to blog about this epic, romantic, and crazy cool helicopter elopement in Whistler, Canada.

To prepare for this blog post, I went back to my email with Minda when she first reached out and reading her inquiry all over again just put a smile on my face. You can tell about your clients so much from reading what they have to share with you. And I admit it, having to read so many inquiries and dealing with people who simply sent me one because they were just price shopping truly made me exhausted emotionally and physically.

In her inquiry, Minda said: “Your work is UNREAL!!! I would love for you to document an intimate elopement in Whistler! I would also be extremely interested in an engagement session in the Seattle area! Can’t wait to hear from you!”

I immediately jumped on the phone to talk with Minda. Her excitement over the phone made me feel so humble and honored. The phone call was mainly for me to learn more about the couple but it was somehow always about her expressing her love for my work. Kadin came home from work in the middle of our conversation so I briefly saw him here and there. I guess it’s ok for me to talk about this now since Minda and Kadin are now my clients-become-friends. Kadin told me that the reason why he was a bit quiet because they had been interviewing a couple of photographers so he was a bit overwhelmed and tired from talking. Of course when he said that, I LOL’ed but also I feel 1000% better because that meant I did something right to win their hearts.

Minda forgot to mention the helicopter part until after she booked me. So when she told me, I was like “Gurllllll…. You are kidding me right? Ahhhh” Yess I screamed haha.

Couple kissed in front of blackcomb helicopter on Whistler Mountain after their epic and adventurous elopement

Their engagement session was full of rain and love. I brought my husband along so he could help with holding umbrellas as well as styling the couple. While I was photographing the couple, he also helped watch their fur baby. The 4 of us quickly became friends after the engagement session. A couple of months before the elopement, Minda and Kadin even invited my husband to be there as a guest. Heck, there was only 5 seats on the helicopter and they even let him have a seat.

I am an adventurous wedding photographer, but I am in the business of friendships and connections!

So we drove up to Whistler from Seattle the day before. There was a wild fire in Canada a couple of weeks prior so the drive was hazy and covered in smoke so we couldn’t see anything. I met up with Minda, Kadin and their family that evening. We hung out all night, drank margaritas, talked about their intimate wedding, and sneaked at her crazy beautiful elegant wedding dress. Minda was also a little sad about the smoke but we were all hopeful.

On their elopement day, the wind had helped so much in clearing the sky a bit more. Although it was. still a bit hazy, it looked so much better and we could actually see the beautiful mountains that we came here for.

The day started with everyone got ready at the vacation home they rented. This place also served as their reception dinner later in the evening. This is what intimate weddings and elopements are all about: convenience, intimate, unique, and special. I forgot to mention “HELLA BEAUTIFUL” on the list above. Scroll down and you’ll see.

Speaking of something “Hella Beautiful”, Minda’s wedding dress is crazy elegant and the veil stole the show. Minda got her dress when she went to San Francisco for a trip and stumbled upon Jinza Bridal. She tried the dress on and it fit her perfectly. Miss Jinza herself named the dress after Minda. So yes, Minda wore the Minda Dress that day :)

Erin, from Bliss Event + Design Whistler, did an amazing job and I can’t express my admiration for her enough. She got us this beautiful home, looked for the most beautiful and intimate spot for the ceremony, orchestrated the whole thing so we could be at the Helicopter pad on time for the couple portraits. I 100% adore her work and I can’t say thank you enough.

A month after their elopement, I went out for Sushi with the couple. We talked about their day and it was so much fun to re-live their special day this way. Minda and Kadin have become a part of my journey and they hold a special place in my heart.

They are not only my clients, they are my friends. They trusted me with all their hearts and I gave them 100% of all my heart

I think it’s time for me to shut up and for you guys to enjoy the photos from their epic adventurous and intimate elopement in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.


Photography: Henry Tieu Photography edited with HD Presets

Videographer: Brynn Jones 

Planning, Design + Floral: Bliss Event + Design Whistler

Dress: Jinza Bridal

MUAH: Kerry Waring

Accommodation: Whistler Platinum

Catering: The Collective Kitchen

Transportation: Blackcomb Helicopters and Whistler Glacier Group

Music: Whistler Classical Strings

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