Lake Crescent Engagement - Mount Storm King Hiking Adventure | Evelyn and Jordan

Evelyn + Jordan | Lake Crescent Engagement Session | Mount Storm King Trail Adventure | Pacific Northwest Wedding and Elopement Photographer


We hiked, we talked, we laughed. 

Above all, we faced our fear of heights together and enjoyed breathtaking views Mount Storm King offered

Evelyn and Jordan first booked me for their wedding later this year. At first, we did not plan on an engagement session but I am so so so glad we did. Evelyn loves adventures so when she described her ideal locations for an engagement session, I compiled a list of places and sent her way. 

I am not gonna lie, when Evelyn told me she wanted to do Mount Storm King, I was quite nervous. Living in the PNW, I've seen so many photos from this place but did not have a chance to visit it myself. In facts, none of us had. Even better, when I did my research just the week before this beautiful session, people kept on saying the trail was still covered in snow and was very slippery. To top that, we would also have to use ropes to hike this trail because of how steep it is. 

I provided what I found to the couple and they still wanted to try. And I am a sucker for adventurous souls so I just couldn't say no. 

We started the morning with this photo of the couple by the Mount Storm King Ranger Station

We started the morning with this photo of the couple by the Mount Storm King Ranger Station

As we started, I asked Evelyn and Jordan to stand in front of the ranger station for behind the scene photos.

I wanted to capture their day with more than just the perfectly posed photos of a typical engagement session but also all the fun behind-the-scene and authentic moments of what a true adventurous session would consist of

This trail is 4.7 miles roundtrip with a 2065 feet gain. You can already see how steep it is. Although we were all out of breath trying to stay alive, we managed to get to know each other and also talk about their wedding day. My husband, Viet, also tagged along because he will be doing the Day Of Event Coordinator for them. I hiked, we talked, we took multiple breaks to drink water and to enjoy occasional views through the woods. 

Once we reached the end of the trail, I was so so so excited. However, we faced this giant rock with no ropes and we all freaked out a little. We met another group of people who hiked this trail for the first time ever and none of us knew what to do. We sat down, contemplating whether or not we should just head back because this looks so damn dangerous. 

Evelyn stood up and gave it a shot. She got on all four and started climbing up. She got really quiet and you can tell she was nervous. This was when I truly get to witness the couple in their most authentic moments. Jordan was always right next to Evelyn and helped her along the way. He constantly checked on his fiancee and held her hands. My husband, Viet, also did the same for me. If you guys don't know already, I am the biggest chicken. I was so damn scared of heights I could barely move. I almost gave up and ran straight down. 

The four of us finally got to the top and we couldn't be happier. The couple changed into their beautiful outfits and my heart was full with joy.

We took photos but also did not forget to slow down and enjoy the views. We sat for a while, got our beef jerkies out and just took everything in.

Felt the wind in our hair, enjoyed each other's company, reminded ourselves of how small we are of how beautiful life truly is.

Let me stop boring you with words. Here are some photos of the beautiful couple.

Evelyn, Jordan, and my hubby, thank you so so much for an amazing adventure.

Evelyn and Jordan, you guys are truly the bomb dot com and I can't wait to be there WITH YOU and FOR YOU on your beautiful wedding day. July can't come soon enough


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