Snoqualmie Falls Engagement | Rain and Snow Adventure | Kortni and Mike

Kortni + MIke | Snoqualmie Falls Engagement | PNW Adventure Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Engagement photo of couple kissing in the rain PNW weather by Snoqualmie Falls Seattle Washington

Only in the Pacific Northwest where you can get both rain and snow in one photo session.

So you betcha we danced our butts off in the cold weather and made these guys kiss like they never kissed before

I know Kortni from instagram. She’s an amazing photographer. In fact, after this session was over, she even took some photos of me so I can use them as headshots. Before we dive into this epic ness, I would love for you guys to visit her work and support her. Click Here to visit her Website

Kortni reached out to me back in December 2017, if you are reading now, you might ask “really Henry? Dec 2017 and you’re blogging this in October 2018?” The answer is I know I know, blogging is hard and sometimes I just can’t deal. I much rather post photos than talking about photos.

But here I am because I want to share with you the magic we experienced and how we all felt about these photos.

Kortni came to Seattle for Alpine Northwest, which is an amazing photography workshop for wedding photographer. So before she arrived, we planned on this epic adventure session for her and Mike.

I met these guys on an early Saturday morning in January and the weather could not have been better. We drove through North Bend and arrived at Snoqualmie Falls with a bit of rain and a bit of fog.

From talking to Kortni for a while on instagram, I felt like I knew her and Mike for such a long time. We immediately ran towards each other for the warmest hug you can imagine. The walk around the Fall allowed us enough time to catch up and to prepare for this epic session.

I still can’t forget the way Mike kept looking around because he just wanted to take everything all in. He kept saying “I can’t believe this”, which was not the first time I heard that whenever I show my couples around but I just love love love it so much when I’m able to share the beauty of the PNW with everyone I meet.

For those who are wondering about Snoqualmie Falls, it is huge 268-foot waterfall located about half an hour drive from Downtown Seattle. Epic yes, pretty yes, but this place is usually very crowded. We were lucky to be there on a cold morning when no one wants to be there yet. If you are interested in an engagement session or elope here, I strongly encourage doing it on a week day or in the winter months. In the summer, you can’t even park here because it’s so crowded.

So yes, we were lucky. We had the whole place to ourselves.

Snpqualmie Falls is the perfect place for a quick escape. We sat there, took every minute in, felt the rain on our skin and just admire how gorgeous the view was.

After spending time running around in the rain, we drove about half an hour east on I-20 and arrived at Snoqualmie Pass where snow was already falling. No, we did not prepare for that but the best part was:

We were spontaneous, we went with what nature gave us, we had fun, and we captured some of the most epic photos yet.

So without me rambling on, take a look at all these precious photos and moments I’m so honored to be a part of.

Kortni and Mike, I miss you guys. I hope all is well and I can’t wait to see your gorgeous faces soon. Wishing you both the best in life and in marriage.

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