Because We Work Our Asses Off For Marriage Equality

So Let’s Fucking Get Married and Let’s Do It Majestically

Seattle Gay Wedding Photographer on Mt. Rainier National Park with dogs in the snow

Hi I’m Henry and I’m your Seattle Gay Wedding Photographer

And this is my happy little family :) Yes, before you ask, we have 3 little wild doggos.

My husband proposed to me before gay marriage was legalized in Washington. We were both college students at that time. We were scared but were so fucking deeply in love (yes this is the kind of language I speak). We didn’t know what the future might be but we knew we wanted to see each other’s face in that future.

My husband is an event planner at Rain and Pines and we have worked on multiple weddings together. Here are some places you might have seen our work together:

Love is Love and So Much More

I photograph love the way love naturally occurs: organically and tenderly

I experience the this kind of love first hand and I know exactly what it feels like to forget the world and just be with the one who matters the most. So trust me to be there to celebrate you and celebrate with you. To hold your hands, to cry with you, to create memories that will last a lifetime for you

Same sex adventure engagement photo in lake in the Pacific Northwest Portland Oregon

Lesbian couple adventure wedding in Pacific Northwest Seattle Washington Portland Oregon

Invest in a Photographer Who Invests in You

You might have ended up on this page because you’re trying to google a photographer who “is ok with taking photo of a same sex couple”.

I was there in your shoes. I stumbled upon so many great photographers and my heart was pumping out of my chest asking the question of whether or not they would take me as a client because of my sexuality.

I am not just a photographer. I don’t just photograph. Rather, I document moments, details. and stories. I invest in each couple who trusts and values my work. I provide 110% into what I do because I fucking care.

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My Approach

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