Kat and Daniel - Engagement | Fox Island, WA

I feel weird calling this beautiful lady Kat because we are so used to calling her "Kitty" at work. I guess I call her that on the title to make it more formal. Anyways, Kitty and I are both nurses and she was the first one ever reached out to me for an engagement session. I was happier than I could ever describe.

Originally, I wanted to take her and her fiancé, Daniel, to an epic location with crazy views. Kitty and I tried to multiple but we couldn't really talk much during our shifts because you know, hospital haha. So we decided to get breakfast together after our night shift. We were both exhausted from a 12-hour shift but I could tell we were both super excited for this. We totally changed our original plan of going up the mountains when Kitty told me her fiancé has a Christmas tree farm and that they also wanted some photos on their rowboat. I was like, that's it, scratch the mountains, we are so doing this. May can't come soon enough for these love birds' wedding. 

Thanks for allowing me to capture these intimate and epic moments of you guys. Love, Henry

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